XinFin to Launch Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Blockchain Soon

XinFin soon to announce the launch of its Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Blockchain.

Singapore, Singapore, December 06, 2017 --( The recent Bitcoin surge and plunge enlarged the chorus of Bitcoin skeptics calling it “a highly volatile bubble.” Nonetheless, Bitcoin’s real power lies in its distributed ledger technology. By cutting down the need for central intermediaries, Bitcoin sticks to its promise of processing diversified transactions more effortlessly than today. Multiple banks and exchanges have been leveraging Bitcoin Blockchain Technology for financial transactions not counting its public visibility.

XinFin CTO, Mr. Karan Bharadwaj said, “The public visibility of Bitcoin Blockchain can be exploited to compromise sensitive financial information. It has been exhaustively mapped out such that transactions can be traced in ways that are unsecure and trustless.”

All this said, XinFin and its underlying Hybrid blockchain are game-changing technologies that focus on reshaping and revolutionizing the global world economy. Taking advantage of all the noise in the blockchain technology territory, XinFin knocked off one-of-its-kind Hybrid Blockchain, also monikered as "XDC Blockchain." Perpetuating a public as well as a private state, Hybrid Blockchain is exceptionally adapted for enterprise use cases.

“Using our Hybrid Blockchain, institutions can keep their financial transactions private but still be verifiable by an immutable record on the public state of blockchain,” said Mr. Bharadwaj.

With the integration of a new technology - XDC01 protocol, into its Hybrid Blockchain, XinFin seeks to change the current scenario where no real standardization of blockchains exists across the industry. XinFin offers a robust and customizable enterprise blockchain solution with applications across different trades.

Having comprehended the transformational role of Blockchain Technology in the real world, XinFin gave impulse to TradeFinex, a global marketplace platform for peer-to-peer trade and financing. Built upon XDC01 protocol, the marketplace platform aims to minimize the infrastructure deficit without burdening the government treasuries.

XinFin’s newly established XDC01 Protocol helps individuals, corporates and financial institutions get past the technology hype by allowing real-time settlement with Digital Wallet and Remittance. The robust security and high transaction throughput of XDC Blockchain ensures trusted cross-border payments for trade and financing.

The company also targets to implement the Hybrid Blockchain Technology in Industrial Applications. XinFin is currently working with several partners and institutions in energy, travel, aviation, and fintech sectors. Blockchain and IoT based customized solutions will complement the company’s Hybrid Blockchain Technology to support business process re-engineering, supply chain, financing, procurement and settlement.

About XinFin
XinFin ( is a Singapore based Blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance. The company’s focus is to liaise with governments and enable lowest cost infrastructure financing to help bridge the wide infrastructure deficit that global economy has. XinFin has developed a high scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Blockchain architecture that combines the best features of Ripple, Quorum and Ethereum. XinFin Blockchain is powered by XDC01 protocol where underlying XDC tokens can be traded against FIAT currencies or other crypto-currencies and will also act as an underlying settlement mechanism.
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