XinFin Community Decides to Burn 500 Million XDCE Tokens Supply

The XinFin community has decided to reduce the supply of XDCE tokens, after the last major 2.1 billion, 300 million, 200 million, 500 million token, and 500 million token burn. - March 03, 2021

Decentralized Travel Platform, XcelTrip, Integrates XinFin's XDC

XcelTrip announces a XinFin integration, thereby expanding its payment method options and enabling customers to make travel bookings using the XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) token. - January 28, 2021

XinFin: Update on XDCE Token and AlphaEx

XinFin community update on the hack of XDCe tokens from a hot-swap wallet on AlphaEx. - December 28, 2020

XinFin Community Decides to Burn 200 Million XDCE Tokens Supply

The XinFin community has decided to further reduce the supply of XDCE tokens, after the last major 2.1 billion, 300 million token burn. Hence, the network burns 200 million XDCE tokens taking the total supply of XDCE from 2.6 billion to 2.4 billion tokens. The community also plans to further... - December 26, 2020

XinFin Co-Operating with AlphaEx on Hot-Swap Wallet Hack on AlphaEx Exchange

On the morning of December 3, a hot-swap wallet on AlphaEx Exchange with over 300 Million XDCe was hacked. XDCe is an ERC-20 token that is swappable 1:1 on Alphaex exchange with XDC, Xinfin’s network mainnet coin. The subsequent dumping of the stolen XDCe by the hacker on decentralized... - December 18, 2020

XinFin Community Decides to Burn 300 Million Partial XDCE Tokens Supply

For better custody management, the XinFin community has decided to reduce the supply of XDCE tokens, after the last major 2 billion token burn. - December 18, 2020

XinFin Community Decides to Burn Partial XDCE Tokens Supply

For better custody management, the XinFin community has decided to reduce the supply of XDCE tokens. - December 11, 2020

XinFin [XDC] Network Will Integrate Chainlink Oracles to Power New Trade Finance Use Cases

XinFin[XDC] Network is excited to announce planned integration with Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network. - September 18, 2020

As XDC Usage Escalates, XinFin Community Decides to Burn Partial XDCE Tokens Supply

XinFin is a Singapore based blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance across the globe. XinFin’s XDC protocol is a hybrid blockchain that allows peer-to-peer contracts over regulated payment rails or using XDC tokens in approved jurisdictions. - September 12, 2020

Bitrue Exchange Lists XinFin's Mainnet Coin XDC

Bitrue Cryptocurrency Wallet & Exchange listed XinFin's mainnet coin XDC (XinFin Digital Contract) on 13 August 2020, at 4 PM (UTC+8). - August 14, 2020

Multi-Currency, Multi-Platform Wallet - Guarda Lists XinFin Mainnet Coin XDC

Guarda lists XinFin Mainnet Coin XDC on 29 July 2020. - August 01, 2020

XinFin Network Secures Ex-SWIFT Corporate & Trade Head Andre Casterman as an Advisor

XinFin Network, the digital asset infrastructure powering working capital platforms, financial institutions - announced today that it has secured exSWIFT Corporate & Trade head Andre Casterman as an advisor. Acting as a collaborative technology provider, XinFin brings tokenization technology to... - July 18, 2020

XinFin[XDC] Network Joins the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA)

XinFin[XDC] Network has joined ITFA to enable financial institutions and fintech to unleash benefits of tokenization and digital assets for Trade Finance with XDC Network. - June 24, 2020

Donate XinFin's XDC to Help Public Education During COVID-19 with FundMyDegree

XDC Coin powered Blockdegree launches an easy tool to request education sponsorship with a few clicks. It allows using payment options like PayPal or XDC coin. - April 20, 2020 Launches Tools to Empower PPE Manufacturers During Coronavirus Crisis

XDC Coin powered TradeFinex launches blockchain network tools to empower decentralised manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE). Fundmydesign tools on TradeFinex aims to connect designers, manufacturers, and inventors. - April 16, 2020 Appointed by XinFin for Institutional Custody Solution

XinFin Partners with London based institutional custody & prime brokerage firm, - January 29, 2020

XinFin and Black Tier Solutions Partners with Blockchain at Michigan

Black Tier Solutions announces partnership with Blockchain at Michigan. - September 24, 2019

XinFin Network Presents One-Click Installer for Blockchain Node Setup

XinFin invites its existing as well as new global users to set-up masternode using one-click installer function, and make an impact in the world of decentralized trade and finance. - May 20, 2019

XinFin Network Launches a New Bug Bounty Program for “Apothem Network” and Announces Mainnet Launch Date

The bug bounty program will enable participants to earn rewards by running and testing an “Apothem Network” (XinFin TestNet) masternode and by using wallet products. XinFin Mainnet to roll out by 1 June 2019. - May 10, 2019

XinFin Blockchain Network and Trace Financial Team Up to Provide Counterparty Risk Mitigation Through ADGM Sandbox

Transformer will help financial institutions convert their traditional messaging formats for financial instruments into a blockchain recorded identity that enables counterparty risk mitigation through secondary market channels. - April 18, 2019

XinFin Releases New Address Prefix Starting with XDC

XinFin XDC Wallet address will now start with "XDC" in place of "0x" - March 27, 2019

XinFin Blockchain Network at TreeHacks, Stanford University’s Premier Hackathon

XinFin invites ongoing open source contribution from developers and hackers for developing Corda-XinFin cross interoperability bridge for applications deployed on R3 Corda. - March 03, 2019

XinFin Partners with Stanford University for TreeHacks 2019

XinFin has partnered with TreeHacks 2019, annual Hackathon to be held at Stanford University on Feb 15th (4 p.m.)-Feb 17th (4 p.m.) TreeHacks 2019 is conducted at Stanford University and has partners such as Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Facebook, Cisco, and over 2 dozen Silicon Valley companies. - February 13, 2019

XinFin Partners with R3 Corda, a Consortium Blockchain Platform with Over 200+ Financial Institutions

XinFin, the enterprise-friendly Hybrid Blockchain platform has partnered with R3, a consortium of over 200+ financial institutions. As a part of this partnership, XinFin will host a number of standardized and decentralized applications on the R3 Corda marketplace and provide bridge to access public... - February 08, 2019

XinFin Presents Blockchain Proof of Concept for Land Registry to Maharashtra Government

XinFin completed and presented land records on Blockchain PoC to Govt. of Maharashtra (3rd largest state of India) and Dept. of Revenue. The PoC involved an end-to-end test using XinFin’s hybrid blockchain to track and manage the transaction life cycle of land registry and apartment registry... - February 02, 2019

Vietnam Based SotaTek Partners with XinFin Network

Vietnam based leading technology firm, Sota Tek have joined XinFin Network, an open source enterprise-friendly hybrid blockchain platform. As a part of this partnership, Sotatek will deploy XinFin Network public network masternodes in the testnet that has been released on 30th January 2019. URL:... - February 01, 2019

Africa’s Biggest Exchange Golix Adds XinFin’s XDCE Token to Its Currency Lineup

In line with its drive to open Africa to various cryptocurrencies, Golix - the pan African digital currencies trading platform has listed the XDCE token on its exchanges. This makes XDCE the ninth digital currency to be listed on the exchange. Similar to the other tokens available on Golix, the... - July 14, 2018

Former Head of Strategy & Operations Consulting at KPMG Joins XinFin Platform

S. V. Sukumar, the former Partner and Head of Strategy and Operation Consulting at KPMG and a prominent thought leader joins XinFin. - May 31, 2018

Karan Bharadwaj, XinFin's CTO, Attended "Blockchain and Businesses Event" on 27 March 2018, Organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association Presented Hybrid Blockchain and XDC Dev Environment at Nanyang Blockchain Association - April 06, 2018

Karan Bharadwaj, CTO, XinFin Speaks at Blockchain and Businesses Event Organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association on 27th March 2018

XinFin invites more and more universities to associate with them and become a part of Blockchain Revolution. - March 26, 2018

XDCE Token Goes Live on Exchanges Like Bancor, KoinOK, Alphaex, Forkdelta & Etherflyer Opens 20% Above the Token Contribution Price

XDCE goes live on various public exchanges like,,, Forkdelta, and - March 23, 2018

XinFin Ties Up with KoinOK, Gets Its Utility Token XDCE Listed on one of India’s Top Exchange

XinFin Ties Up with KoinOK, Gets Its Utility Token XDCE Listed on one of India’s Top Exchange

XinFin has joined forces with India’s most customer-centric cryptocurrency exchange KoinOK to bring the first airdrop event in India where 5 million XDCE functional tokens will be distributed for free. The association will enable secure trading for Indian users by avoiding unpredictable price changes. - March 14, 2018

XinFin Integrates the Bancor Protocol, Provides Token Liquidity to XDCE Community

XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based Blockchain Technology platform focused on international trade and finance, has today announced an integration with the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for the XinFin platform. Earlier this week, it was reported that XinFin raised over 1.5... - February 28, 2018

XinFin Launches XDCE, Opens Its Utility Token Sale on Feb 5, 2018

Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd. launched its utility token XDCE on Monday. XDCE which is an ERC20 token will have multifold benefits for traders, private investors and institutional level partners. Speaking about the XDCE Crowd Token Sale, Alex Mathbeck,... - February 09, 2018

XinFin Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

XinFin joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) to leverage its network for enhancing their products, services and token offerings and support the adoption of Ethereum in the enterprise. - January 31, 2018

XinFin Finances Solar Plant Using Blockchain Technology

TradeFinex is their highly scalable, secure & commercial grade Blockchain platform. - December 10, 2017

XinFin to Launch Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Blockchain Soon

XinFin soon to announce the launch of its Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Blockchain. - December 06, 2017

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