WeCutFoam is Expanding Its Services to Its Customers to Include Vinyl Signs and Logo

WeCutFoam, a custom foam cutting, machining and Prototyping Company in Silicon Valley is offering a new service to its customer. The company is now creating and fabricating vinyl signs and logo. The vinyl can be printed to any size, shape and color and can be adhered to any foam project. This add on service will enable its customers to promote their businesses creating custom graphics on indoor and outdoor signs, lobby signs, stage letters, trade show displays and more.

Sunnyvale, CA, December 10, 2017 --(PR.com)-- WeCutFoam, a custom foam cutting, machining and Prototyping Company in Sunnyvale, CA is expending its services to also fabricate vinyl indoor and outdoor signs and trade show displays and logo. This service will mainly serve signs shops, companies in need of a booth at a trade shows and any business wanting to promote itself.

WeCutFoam is a subsidiary company to Foamlinx LLC, which manufactures and distributes CNC hot wire foam cutting machines and CNC routers since 2001. Along the years, Foamlinx’ customers has addressed the company to assist them in foam cutting projects, and out of this necessity, WeCuFoam was established. The company started out by fabricating small projects such as foam letters and logo. Later on it expanded its services to include custom project such as large-scale props, stage dimensional letters, sculptures, signs, museum exhibits, prototypes and artwork, and now vinyl signs and logo.

Recently, the company has expanded further and is now fabricating Sintra signs, indoor and outdoor signs and specifically printed vinyl that is glued over foam. This service enables WeCutFoam to provide very detailed logos and signs to its customer, a service that cannot be provided by cutting, machining and carving the foam alone. The vinyl can be printed big, and if the custom logo or sign calls for a very large-scale project, then it can be printed in sections. The vinyl can be self-adhesive and applied to the foam by peeling off the sticker in the back of it.

Since the vinyl cannot be attached directly to the Expanded polystyrene foam itself, WeCutFoam is spreading and coating the foam with liquid epoxy material that can be mixed with paint. This creates a smooth finish to the foam that can grip the vinyl nicely and easily. Any air bubbles if present can easily be smoothed out using a dry cloth or just by pressing on them.

Tal Barnea, WeCutFoam owner stated, “This is a great add on service to our customers. The vinyl touch is colorful and catchy to the eye and the customers using it will surely benefit since they are increasing visibility and creating brand awareness for themselves, so basically it is an excellent tool for them to promote their business.” He continued to say that one of WeCutFoam main goal is to assist its customers while saving them costs and the vinyl printing will enable that.

The vinyl signs and logo can be printed in any shape, color and size. The projects created with them can be durable and can be used multiple times, both for indoors and outdoors use, making them a great investment for any business. They can be utilized at trade shows, speaking series, conventions, conferences, retail store and shops, restaurants, as company lobby sign, and for any event.

WeCutFoam, established in Silicon Valley, Ca, specializes in custom cutting shapes out of almost any type of foam, wood, plastics and light metals. The company creates props for movie sets and theaters, large dimensional signs, stage letters, logo, architectural shapes, museum exhibits, trade shows displays, prototypes, parade floats and more. Projects crested can be full scale 3D shapes like race cars, planes and props up to 20’ long and more, providing coating and painting as well.
Sigal Barnea
Tal Barnea, Owner