WeCutFoam Now Offering New Service – Fabrication of Custom Specialty Gaskets

WeCutFoam has recently added a new service to its repertoire, now offering fabrication of custom specialty gaskets for the automotive, marine, aerospace, gas and other industries, using a CNC laser cutter or an oscillating knife cutter. - May 15, 2023

WeCutFoam Collaborated with American Heart Association to Fabricate Props and Décor for Their Annual Heart Ball Gala

WeCutFoam, a foam cutting service company in Bay Area, CA has recently collaborated with American Heart Association (AHA) to fabricate oversize 8ft foam bottle prop and decorated columns for their 2022 Bay Area “Heart Ball” in San Francisco. - June 24, 2022

WeCutFoam Now Offering Soft & Flexible Foam Cutting Services Using Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

WeCutFoam has recently purchased a CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine to be able to provide soft foam and flexible foam cutting services for material types that could not be cut with other foam cutting machinery. The products cut with the Oscillating knife cutter yield smooth edges and accurate cuts. - May 21, 2022

WeCutFoam Collaborated with Internationally Acclaimed Artist Hueman for her Interactive HomeBody Art Show Premiere in Berkeley, CA

WeCutFoam has fabricated a large-scale invertedfoam face sculpture for artist Hueman, for her HomeBody art exhibit presented in Oakland CA during the month of February 2022. - February 17, 2022

WeCutFoam Launches (CIP) COVID Incentive Program to Assist Trade Show Exhibitors & Event Organizers

WeCutFoam, a Northern, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is offering significant discounts and reduced prices for trade shows and exhibits organizers, fabricators and exhibitors, considering the pandemic economical strain situation impacting the entertainment industry. - September 18, 2021

WeCutFoam Offering Low Budget Solution for Cutting Letters, Signs and Décor on a CNC Laser Cutter

WeCutFoam, a Bay Area, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is now offering a low-cost tight budget turnkey solution for customers in need of signs, logos, letters and décor, fabricated on a CNC laser cutter. - June 29, 2021

WeCutFoam Now Expanding Its Services Using Materials Beyond Foam - Designing and Fabricating Concrete Products

WeCutFoam recently collaborated with WetStone Designs, another Silicon Valley, CA-based company to design and fabricate custom concrete products, including custom planters, fire pits, water fixtures and fountains, benches, furniture and concrete accessories. - October 07, 2020

WeCutFoam Now Offering New Service - Foam Crown Moldings Fabrication to Construction Companies

WeCutFoam, a Bay Area, CA-based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is expending its services to include fabrication of crown molding and architectural shapes to construction and renovation companies, architectural companies and to anyone in need. - July 29, 2020

Silicon Valley Foam Cutting Services Company Now Expanding Offering Wood Machining Services

WeCutFoam, based off The Bay Area, CA, providing foam cutting, machining and prototyping is expanding its services and is now offering CNC Wood Machining as well. The company uses CNC routers to mill any type of wood combined with foam, acrylics, plexiglass, composites, PVC and Sintra. - July 11, 2020

WeCutFoam Announces Newly Designed Website Launch

A CA provider of foam cutting, machining and prototyping services and fabricator of custom props, signs, logo, letters and exhibits is announcing the launch of a newly redesigned company website. The new site offers ease of navigation, a colorful new look that includes many photos and showcase gallery as well as clear information on the services and products the company offers its customers, partners and visitors. - August 22, 2019

WeCutFoam Introducing New Product, Combo 2D Vinyl Wrapped Foam Sign with 3D Objects

WeCutFoam, a Silicon Valley fabricator of custom signs, logo, letters, props and exhibits is expanding its products line to include 2D vinyl wrapped foam signs combines with 3D protruding objects embedded. - May 01, 2019

WeCutFoam Adding Wide Format Vinyl Printing on 3D Signs, Letters & Logo to Its Line of Services

WeCutFoam has recently purchased the Mutoh 1624X and is adding wide format vinyl printing to its line of services. This high-tech printer eliminates banding, enables to print multi-color vinyl and enriches any foam project with a multi-color art work, thus eliminating the need for manual painting over foam projects. - December 03, 2018

WeCutFoam is Offering New Services - Fabrication of Illuminated Letters and Signs

WeCutFoam, a foam cutting, machining and prototyping service provider company is expanding its services to include fabrication of illuminated signs and letters. The company is adding creation of back lighted LED signs with halo effect as well as front lit signs with marquee bulbs with vintage effect. - September 15, 2018

WeCutFoam is Expanding Its Services to Its Customers to Include Vinyl Signs and Logo

WeCutFoam, a custom foam cutting, machining and Prototyping Company in Silicon Valley is offering a new service to its customer. The company is now creating and fabricating vinyl signs and logo. The vinyl can be printed to any size, shape and color and can be adhered to any foam project. This add on service will enable its customers to promote their businesses creating custom graphics on indoor and outdoor signs, lobby signs, stage letters, trade show displays and more. - December 10, 2017

WeCutFoam Fabricating Exhibits and Décor for Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco

WeCutFoam has collaborated with the newly opened Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco to create and fabricate exhibits and décor for their “Candy Land” Room. The company machined multiple playground foam structures covered in hard coat and assembled at the museum, to create an interactive display. - September 30, 2017

WeCutFoam Collaborates with Kevin Daly Architects to Fabricate Décor for Oscar de la Renta Exhibit at de Young Museum

WeCutFoam has recently collaborated with Kevin Daly Architects to produce foam props, décor and settings for Oscar de la Renta Retrospective Exhibit at de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA, celebrating 50 years of the designer’s life achievements. - May 09, 2016

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Fabricating Elytron’s Innovative VTOL Aircraft Prototype

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam have fabricated a prototype two-seater modern aircraft for Elytron LLC. The aircraft is unique since it combines abilities of a helicopter with characters of an airplane all in one design. It can take-off and land vertically while being fast and efficient like a plane. The aircraft was machined from high density polystyrene foam then covered with carbon fiber. It is targeted for medical emergency service, air taxi and oil exploration. - April 04, 2015

WeCutFoam Collaborated with the Exploratorium Museum to Create the New Innovation Zone Exhibit

WeCutFoam has collaborated with the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco to create “Whispering Dishes” exhibit, the first Living Innovation Zone, also known as LIZ. The company machined parts of high density foam, which was then sprayed with concrete to create this design, and serve as a new dynamic and interactive public space. - November 05, 2013

WeCutFoam Announcing the Creation of Custom Cake Dummies and Fake Cakes for Weddings and Events

WeCutFoam is offering custom cut cake dummies and fake cake for bakers, cake decorators and event planners. The cake dummies are a tool for bakers to work on decorating techniques, for decorating bakery windows, for bridal fairs, weddings, birthdays and any other event. The cake dummies can be cut to any shape desired by the customer and are great for enhancing the event, adding more layers and colors while spending less time and money. - September 22, 2013

WeCutFoam Announcing the Addition of 3D Props for Halloween Haunted Houses to their Services

WeCutFoam, a prop creator company in the Bay Area, is focusing on specialty props for holidays among their many services they provide. The props can be used as Halloween haunted houses, Thanksgiving decorations, stage settings for theaters and school plays, photographer’s background, school graduations, classrooms sets, decorations for events and much more. - September 02, 2013

WeCutFoam Specializing in Custom Foam Props for the Entertainment Industry

WeCutFoam, a foam cutting services company in Silicon Valley, CA is expanding its services and putting its emphasis on custom foam props for all the entertainment industry. The props are aimed for theatrical and movie sets, theme parks décor and parade floats, museum display, sculptures, miniature golf courses, paintball play fields, and laser tags facilities. - August 15, 2013

WeCutFoam Creating Full Scale Foam Props, Sets and Decor for a Celebrity Wedding Extravaganza

WeCutFoam, a company in Silicon Valley CA that provides foam cutting services, has created custom made foam props for a celebrity wedding. The bride and groom had Medieval and Lord of the Rings as the main theme for their wedding. The foam props included ruined stone-like castle, sculptures, planters, Celtic cross and dragon, all large scale, created by cutting and machining with CNC hot wire foam cutters and CNC routers. - August 04, 2013

WeCutFoam Announcing New Service – Polyurea Spray Coating for Foam Signs and Props

WeCutFoam, a Silicon Valley based company providing custom foam cutting services is expanding its business to include polyurea spray coating. This plastic-like type of coating is hard yet durable, providing a hard shell to any foam cut project, props and signs, protecting it from break damage or weather corrosions, thus prolonging its life significantly. - May 27, 2012

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