P&K Jewelry Shares Tips and Advice for Buying Silver Jewelry Online

P&K Jewelry Inc. is a leading retailer of sterling silver jewelry in the USA. The leading manufacturer shares its experience and expert tips with customers on how to buy top-grade quality jewelry from e-stores.

New York, NY, December 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- P&K Jewelry is the leading retailer of sterling silver and marcasite jewelry in the world. The company delivers jewelry that is in sync with the latest trends. It incorporates a la mode patterns and styles into its jewelry design. It offers a sweeping collection of wholesale silver jewelry that includes earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, pins pendants, and accessories, like key chains, toe rings, money clips.

When asked about the quality of the silver jewelry offered by P&K Jewelry, the spokesperson stated, “Silver jewelry is popular all over the world for its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it is cheaper than gold and proves to be a good asset for the purpose of investment.”

While explaining the value of silver, the spokesperson shared some tips on how to buy this precious metal online. He said, “While buying silver jewelry especially rings from the online stores, buyers should be aware of the size to ensure proper fit. The best way to determine size is by wrapping a string around the greatest width of the finger and marking the string. Next, customers need to hold the string against the measuring tape and compare the measurement to sizing chart of the website. This method can be used to buy necklaces and bracelets as well.”

He added, “While purchasing wholesale silver jewelry online, it is essential to look for the 0.925 marking. This is a mark of authentication which means that the jewelry contains about 92.5% of pure silver and about 7.5% of alloy metals.”

“It is a good idea to research the gemstones on your silver jewelry before investing in one. For instance, precious gemstones like turquoise stains easily and are porous while pearls absorb liquid easily. Weighing the pros and cons you would be able to pick the right silver jewelry with the right gemstone. Well-known websites offer loads of information on jewelry and gemstones. Since you are buying the jewelry from an online store without examining it, choosing a well-known retailer is a must. A credible retailer would provide a guarantee for its products,” concluded the spokesperson.
P&K Jewelry, Inc.
Kish Dasani