Wild Love Rebellion Revived to Fight Trump

The Grunge Band from Kentucky who Never Made it Has Returned When Needed Most

Los Angeles, CA, December 17, 2017 --(PR.com)-- More than two decades after it was recorded at Barrick Studios in Glasgow, KY, Robert Christopher Smith is releasing “Wake UP...or let me sleep...” by his former band: Wild Love Rebellion. Originally intended as a CD release, the album will be available through Amazon.com as both CD and downloadable MP3 from his independent entertainment production company, Bang Bang Serendipity Productions. As a companion, Smith has also written and released “Wild Love Words” which collects all of the lyrics from the album, as poems, along with two additional as bonus.

Each poem is accompanied by a personal reflection by Smith that sets the scene for the either the origin of the song, what was happening with the band, or in the world during the time it was originally composed. As he explains in the reflection for “One More Way,” it is the current political climate with Donald Trump as president of the United States that compelled the release of the CD and book, both. The rage, acrimony, and confusion expressed in the original compositions and songs very effectively reflect the reaction of the world to Trump and his onslaught of negative legislation and representation over 20 years later.

“A bleaker, less holy voice shouts its orders to the masses” was written for the song “Vertigo” in 1992 but could just have easily been written about today’s headlines.

“Wake UP...or let me sleep…” from Wild Love Rebellion and “Wild Love Words” are available from Amazon.com or through the dedicated website: www.WildLoveRebellion beginning December 20, 2017. A Release Party for both will be held December 20, 2017 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. at Smog City Brewery in Torrance, CA.

Robert Christopher Smith, “Bobby” to his friends and collaborators, is a Los Angeles-based Independent Filmmaker and Writer. Smith and Bang Bang Serendipity Productions submitted short films “Cut,” “Taker,” “Her Own Demons,” and the rock video “One More Way” for Wild Love Rebellion to over 10 film festivals in 2017, and is scheduled to direct the female-led revenge western “Vengeance Turns” from his screenplay in 2018.
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Robert C Smith