ATS Celebrates 10 Years of Service to the Design Community

ATS Spec Tool, a free timesaving Specification Information System that connects the design community with specs from leading manufacturers' celebrates being online for 10 years.

Toronto, Canada, December 22, 2017 --( Allied Technical Solutions, a division of Allied Technical Sales, a company that provides a free timesaving plumbing specification to the design community, celebrates 10 years since it launched its online Spec Tool.

The ATS Spec Tool is a free timesaving Specification Information System that connects the design community and their building spec requirements with the leading manufacturers’ products in the construction industry.

In the last 10 years, ATS has built over 55,000 specifications and assisted over 31,000 users.

ATS has been serving the community since 1969 and went online in 2007. In 1969, Lou Petro launched ATS with the mission of making speciafications easier for architects, engineers, and the design community. ATS would compile spec binders and manuals to make the lives of those in the design industry easier. From there, the company grew and continued to innovate and create timesaving solutions for the design community.

Today,ATS SPEC has been online for 10 years and hosts users from an ever-growing design community throughout North America.

The anniversary comes during a banner year for Allied Technical Solutions as the ATS Spec Tool now features almost 7000 products. This year, ATS also did a major overhaul of their site by introducing a fresh, new look. This included new, updated landing pages, new code and an updated suite of logos. ATS introduced a new corporate logo and logos for the ATS Spec Tool, Visual Spec Builder, BIM and Project tracker.

“We wanted to give ATS a modern, updated look so we introduced a suite of logos for our ever growing solutions for the construction industry. The logo for the ATS Spec tool pays homage to the original 1969 ATS logo,” says Bill Petro, President of ATS.

Take a look at what ATS has achieved in the last 10 years:
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