Renowned Artist Clay Gant Designs Statue Commemorates the Great Cattle Drives of the 1860s. Replica Sales Benefit Trails End Plaza Sculpture Park Maintenance Fund.

Sedalia, MO, December 23, 2017 --( Trail's End Plaza is a sculpture park in Sedalia, Missouri, celebrating Sedalia's historic past as the railhead destination for the great Texas cattle drives of the 1860's. Aficionados of Western history and Western art can buy their own souvenir of this symbol of our western heritage. A sculpture commemorating the great cattle drives of the 1860s has been created by world-renown Missouri artist Clay Gant. Replicas in bronze and resin are available for purchase through the Missouri State Fair Foundation. The proceeds from the sales will be used for the ongoing maintenance of Trail's End Plaza.

The commemorative sculpture, called the Trail's End Prayer statue, is a tired drover resting after driving the herd to where the trail met the rail. Having endured one thousand miles of trail dust, flooded rivers, bushwhackers, stampedes, lightning and other dangers, he is resting on a rock, Bible in hand, as his steady horse stands close at hand.

He gives a grateful prayer: "God, I humbly give thanks for this successful cattle drive and for my steady partner who hung with me day and night over the months and miles of rough trails. I am grateful for you seeing us through and for my trusted companion as we have had each other’s back more times than I care to remember. I’ve come to admire and respect this two-legged creature of yours and ask you to watch over us as we ride the west together. Amen."

The numbered, limited bronze edition is $500, and the resin edition is $125. Both purchases are tax-deductible. To purchase, contact Wendy Faulconer,, or go to

About the Artist: Clay Gant of Cross Timbers has ridden and trained and shown and broken horses. He has been bucked off horses-which is why he knows them from “the ground up” and why he has a horseman's and an artist's conception of what a horse is supposed to look like and why his equine sculptures are coveted around the world.

About the Trail's End Monument: The Trail's End Committee's mission was to construct a memorial to the enduring, indomitable character of the cowboy and of the railroad men who forged the pathways across the plains. Dedicated in April of 2015, the Trail's End monument features a one and one-quarter life-size bronze sculpture of a cowboy herding longhorn cattle along the Sedalia branch of the Shawnee Trail. There are also full-size replicas of an 1870s cattle car, water tower, windmill and locomotive set in a landscape of native prairie grasses and flowers. These elements highlight the role of the railroad in the founding of Sedalia, in the commercial development of the prairies and in the drive to connect our nation as one. The sculpture park is located on the southwest corner of W. 16th St. and US Hwy 65 in Sedalia, MO.
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