TVS Releases Twelve E Magazines to Complement TVS TV Network and TVS Radio Network

TVS Global Media has launched twelve E Magazines, including TVS SPORT Magazine, TVS LOOK Magazine, TVS Pet Parade Magazine, Boxing Illustrated, Bowling Illustrated, TVS Radio TV Life Magazine, TVS Silver Screen Magazine, TVS Tavern TV Illustrated, IWA Wrestling Parade, Front Page Detective, TVS Notes Magazine, and TVS Idyllwild Magazine.

Bakersfield, CA, December 24, 2017 --( TVS Global Media, producer of radio, TV, and Magazine consumer brands since 1958, has introduced twelve E Magazines via TVS Magazines.Com. Each magazine is targeted at the "Baby Boomer" audience, and most titles are revivals of iconic magazines of the 20th Century.

TVS, which began in 1958 as a radio network to produce and distribute the NCAA Basketball Tournament, expanded to television production in 1960. For two decades, TVS was a leading independent TV network, producing college basketball, major college football bowl games, PGA and LPGA Golf, ATP Tennis, NASCAR and USAC Auto Racing, LPBT Bowling, IWA Wrestling, and the World Football League.

TVS also produces TVS Sports Bureau, TVS Distant Replay, TVS Showcase, Lucha Loco, Pulling For Glory, Bowlarama, Wild Wheels, and Blooper Toons for broadcast, cable, IPTV, Mobile, OTT, and Home Video distribution. TVS also owns and operates TVS Consumer Direct home shopping service.

TVS Magazines.Com also features radio and TV programs related to the respective magazines, giving viewers a multiplatform combination of audio, video, and text.

TVS Magazines are advertising supported and are available to readers at no subscription charge. Audio and video portions are also ad supported and free to view.

TVS Magazines are produced by Bridgital.Com, a worldwide producer of E Magazines including Southern Reader.Com.

TVS Global Media is a multiplatform audio, video, and digital content producer. Founded in 1958 as TVS Radio Network, TVS is about to celebrate it's 60th Anniversary as an ad supported media company. TVS was founded by Eddie Einhorn, and has been owned and operated by Tom Ficara since 1990.
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