TVS Television Network to Produce Joe Cano's Hawaii For Broadcast, Cable, and Streaming Distribution

TVS to produce twelve monthly specials featuring Joe Cano, a top guitarist and entertainer from Hawaii. Production starts in October. The show will be distributed by TVS to a national cable network, broadcast TV stations, and TVS streaming channels. - September 21, 2019

TVS Presents SPORT Magazine on Radio to Launch on Sports Byline Radio Network June 8

National sportscaster Fred Wallin will host the weekly show from the SPORT Magazine Studios in Los Angeles. - May 02, 2019

TVS Classic Sports Network Adds College Basketball Games to It's 24/7 Streaming Channel on Giniko USA.Com

The free to view, advertising supported TVS Classic Sports Network is the home to the 10,000 title TVS Classic Sports Library, which includes classic TV sports from 1947 to 1990. - April 28, 2019

TVS Classic Sports Network Adds Motor Sports To 24/7 Streaming Channel on Giniko USA Platform

TVS has added classic NASCAR, Indy Car, GATR Semi Truck, and Grand Prix Racing to the ad supported, free to view streaming service. - April 24, 2019

TVS Television Network Opens Network Operations Center in Bullhead City Arizona

TVS, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast television network, has opened a network operations center in Bullhead City, Arizona. The center will serve as the technical hub to distribute 72 TVS Micro Channels, 16 TV 24/7 streaming channels, 48 TVS Radio Channels, and 16 TVS E Magazines. - April 16, 2019

TVS Classic Sports Network 24/7 Ad Supported Streaming Channel Launched on Platform

TVS Television Network began producing and distributing national sports programming in 1960. Now, it's taking its 10,000 classic sports event library and presenting it as a free to view post cable network via the Giniko platform, which includes access via ROKU, Amazon Fire, Google Play, Android TV, and Apple IOS systems. - January 07, 2019

TVS TV Launches Tvs Classic Christmas Marathon Channel as a TVS Micro Channel

TVS Classic Christmas Marathon is ad supported, free to view, post cable network available on a video on demand basis. It is one of 72 TVS "Micro Channels" on the TVS TV Networks.Com service via Daily Motion, - December 04, 2018

TVS TV Networks.Com Launches TVS40 Micro Channels Featuring Classic TV Programming from the First 40 Years of Broadcast TV by Decade

TVS Television Network has launched five free to view ad supported direct to consumer post cable networks on their TVS TV Networks.Com service. Each channel features a decade of classic TV shows from the 1948-87, the first 40 years of commercial broadcast TV. The five TVS40 Micro Channels are a part of the 72 TVS Micro Channel service via the Daily Motion.Com platform. - August 01, 2018

TVS TV Networks.Com Launches TVS Classic Talk Show Channel on the TVS "Micro Channels" service with Joan Rivers, Merv Griffin, Larry King, and Johnny Carson

TVS will be covering famous and obscure talk shows, plus other shows that made the talk show hosts famous, from the first 40 years of commercial television in the USA. TVS TV Networks.Com presents 57 TVS "Micro Channels" on an ad supported, free to view, direct to consumer, video on demand, post cable network service. - July 03, 2018

TVS Television Network Completes the Launch of an Eight Channel Free to View Direct to Consumer Ad Supported Post Cable Network, TVS Sports Bundle

TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA, has completed it's launch of eight sports channels on a free to view, ad supported, video on demand basis. TVS Sports Bundle is on the Daily Motion platform. - June 20, 2018

TVS Nostalgia Network.Com Expands Programming to Include TVS Color Classics Ad Supported Direct to Consumer Video on Demand Post Cable Television Network

TVS Nostalgia Network becomes all black and white classics as it introduces TVS Color Classics on its own "TVS Micro Channel." Both channels can be accessed under TVS Nostalgia Network.Com. - June 14, 2018

Jerry Wolff Leads the TVS Ad Sales.Com Review to National Advertisers for the TVS Up Front Presentations

Twenty TVS Television Networks, 72 TVS Micro Channels, and the TVS Consumer Direct Home Shopping Network all get represented as Jerry Wolff tours advertisers throughout the USA to offer opportunities in native advertising, signature sponsorship, product placement, barter goods for ad time, per inquiry advertising, and direct response advertising opportunities. - June 06, 2018

TVS Television Network Expands TeleSports Digest.Com Action Sports Music Video Array of Sports and Adds the VEOH Platform

TeleSports Digest.Com expands it's action sports music video subjects to include figure skaing, ice hockey, off road racing, billiards, and futsal. - May 26, 2018

TVS Women Sport.Com Direct to Consumer Ad Supported TV Channel Launched for IPTV, OTT, and Mobile Platforms

Free to View, ad supported, video on demand post cable network from the TVS Television Network provides women sports fans with classic and current women's sports viewing. - May 18, 2018

TVS Television Network Has Launched TVs Consumer, a Direct to Consumer Home Shopping Network, as It's Latest Post Cable TV Network

TVS Consumer Direct.Com is an ad supported, free to view, direct to consumer home shopping network. Cable TV advertising icon Jerry Wolff has been elisted to operate the Channel as a venture between TVS Ad Sales.Com and TVS TV Networks.Com. - April 28, 2018

TVS Ad Sales.Com Adds Spencer Marketing, Atwood Richards, and Pepper Thomas Divisions to Comprehensive Advertiser Marketing Network

Jerry Wolff, the iconic advertising sales and marketing executive who transformed talk radio advertising and then Pay TV sports advertising, now will oversee TVS Ad Sales.Com, which will connect and enhance per inquiry advertising, direct response advertising, CPM advertising, barter advertising, and product placement services into a 21st Century Direct to Consumer cocept for small companies looking for national radio, TV, print, and E Commerce platforms. - March 21, 2018

TVS Television Network Launches TeleSports Digest.Com Sports Music Video Post Cable Network

TVS Television Network original shows Lucha Loco, Pulling For Glory, Lift This!, Basquet Cases, Ice Wars, Bowlarama, Silver Skates, Wild Wheels, Hot Pockets, and Fun With Livestock all will appear on this post cable network sports presentation. More than 250 new music videos will roll out in 2018. - March 15, 2018

TVS Nostalgia Network.Com launches with Ad Supported Video on Demand IPTV, OTT, and Mobile Platforms

TVS Television Network has packaged TVS Nostalgia Network.Com with 250 classic TV shows from it's library. The ad supported, video on demand service is free to view and features top classic TV programs from the early days of commercial television. - February 28, 2018

TVS Television Network to Launch Post Cable Television Network on March 24

TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast television network in the USA, will launch a post cable television network on March 24th. The 24/7 network will be advertising supported and will be the "tent pole" network for TVS, which also operates syndicated broadcast, syndicated cable, IPTV video on demand, OTT video on demand, and Mobile video on demand services. - February 12, 2018

TVS TV Networks.Com Launches Pulling For Glory Original Arm Wrestling Music Video TV Show

TVS Television Network has produced a 13 episode music video series called Pulling For Glory. The show depicts world class arm wrestling talent from around the world in highlight action. Pulling For Glory is the third of three TVS Original Series launched so far in 2018. Lucha Loco (IWA Wrestling) and Basquet Cases (Jai Alai) have already been launched. - February 08, 2018

TVS Music Network.Com Launches Audio Video Channel in Association with Applause Records

TVS Music Network.Com has combined with Applause Records to create a dedicated IPTV channel for new music video releases by Applause artists. The Skruffy Group, and Stardust Dance Band are the first two Applause Records artists to appear on the channel. - February 03, 2018

TVS Television Network Launches TVS Turbo Magazine.Com Video Channel as Free to View Ad Supported Video on Demand Channel

60 years of classic motor racing from the TVS Television Network 10,000 title classic TV library are complemented by new motor racing shows from TVS including Wild Wheels and Shift Happens. TVS Turbo Magazine appears on the Daily Motion platform. - January 25, 2018

TVS TV Networks.Com Launches Updated TVS Nostalgia Network Featuring 250 TVS Classic Shows from the First 40 Years of Television

TVS presents 250 entries from 1947-1986, the first forty years of commercial TV in the USA. All classic TV shows are presented free to view on an advertising supported, video on demand basis. Dick Van Dyke, Flip Wilson, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Andy Williams, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Beverly Hillbillies, Doris Day, Merv Griffin, Red Skelton, and The Lucy Show head the list of classic shows. - January 17, 2018

TVS Television Network Launches Front Page Detective.Com Post Cable Network on Daily Motion

TVS has added the Front Page Detective.Com Channel to it's 72 TVS Micro Channels lineup on Daily Motion. Dozens of classic detective police shows have been added to the service, which made its debut in January. - January 11, 2018

TVS Television Network Launches IWA Wrestling Parade TV Series Lucha Loco

IWA Wresling Parade, the TVSMagazines.Com publication, is now presenting Lucha Loco, a music video 13 episode TV series from IWA Wrestling on the TVS Television Network. The ad supported, free to view show, features the Chicago based GALLI Lucha wrestlers. - January 08, 2018

TVS Global Media Sets 60th Anniversary in 2018 with Expansion of the TVS Post Cable Network Service on Daily Motion and ROKU

TVS Radio Network began in 1958 with coverage of NCAA Basketball Tournament. TVS Television Network which began in 1960, is the fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA. TVS Records and Home Video was established in 1995. TVS Magazines was established in 2010. All divisions of TVS Global Media will celebrate the Legacy Media company in 2018 with special events and programs. - January 01, 2018

TVS Releases Twelve E Magazines to Complement TVS TV Network and TVS Radio Network

TVS Global Media has launched twelve E Magazines, including TVS SPORT Magazine, TVS LOOK Magazine, TVS Pet Parade Magazine, Boxing Illustrated, Bowling Illustrated, TVS Radio TV Life Magazine, TVS Silver Screen Magazine, TVS Tavern TV Illustrated, IWA Wrestling Parade, Front Page Detective, TVS Notes Magazine, and TVS Idyllwild Magazine. - December 24, 2017

TVS Television Network Expands IWA Wrestling Deal with GALLI Lucha in Chicago

The TVS Television Network, owner of IWA Wrestling since 1975, has made GALLI Lucha the Exclusive Promoter of Live IWA Events after a SRO TV taping in Chicago in May. - June 01, 2014

TVS Classic TV Network to Launch on IPTV June 2

TVS Global Media, which was founded as the TVS Television Network in 1960, will launch a full time ad supported 24/7 streaming IPTV "Micro Channel" called TVS Classic TV Network. The channel will carry classic TV programming from 1947-1990 in all genres. - May 29, 2014

TVS Global Media to Televise Roller Derby on TVS Sports Network

The legendary San Francisco Bay Bombers will be featured in the return of classic roller derby to broadcast TV, cable networks, and IPTV networks. - May 20, 2014

TVS Global Media Signs Chicago Wrestling Superstar Bryce Benjamin to It's IWA Wrestling TV Roster

Local Chicago wrestling legend Bryce Benjamin is added to Michigan star "American Gigolo", and Mexican wrestling legend Discovery for the IWA Wrestling television program and live entertainment company. - April 11, 2014

TVS Global Media Adds New Roller Derby Shows to the TVS Sports Network

TVS Global Media, owner of the TVS Sports Network, will air new Roller Derby broadcasts from the American Roller Skating Derby in 2014. TVS outlets will include regional sports networks, broadcast stations, and IPTV based TVS "Micro Channels." - April 09, 2014

TVS Classic Sports Network to Launch June 1

TVS Global Media to package its 10,000 classic television sports catalog and provide a 24/7 channel for LPTV stations and Broadcast TV subcarriers. TVS, Mizlou, Katz, and other classic sports libraries will be included. - March 21, 2014

TVS Television Network to Feature IWA Wrestling Star Discovery in TV Show Debut

TVS Global Media, owner of both the TVS Television Network and the International Wrestling Association, brings back the seminal national wrestling TV program from the 1970's with new episodes and a dozen new TV stars. - March 18, 2014

The TVS Television Network Revives IWA Wrestling for Live Shows, National TV

Veteran Wrestling Promoter Carlos Robles Teams with TVS to Produce Regular Wrestling Shows from Chicago. - February 27, 2014

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