Solo Artist Tama Girard Signs Deal with Sony/Sugo

Tama Girard - Forging New Platforms with Major Record Labels & Distributors

New York, NY, December 26, 2017 --( After the long awaited return of Tama Girard music, 2018 looks to be the year where all the lessons, experience & industry know-how will pay off for Girard- From his string of consecutive works from some of the most prestigious companies in the world, such as Sony Home Entertainment, Alliance Entertainment and Major motion picture film houses, to his one-on-one writing/production sessions with Rhode Island locals. He's found that he, himself, still had to do the majority of his marketing and negotiations for his upcoming releases and musical works.

In 2017, Girard was graced and lucky enough to have the most profound and well-known Emmy Nominated, Grammy Nominated, and Grammy Winning team of co-writers and Music Producers the industry has ever seen, along with graphic design pro Keith Venditelli right by his side - for the release of "When I Think of You" featuring Jeff Russo of the Rock Band TONIC. (Jeff Russo's other works include StarTrek, Fargo, The Legion, Tut & HBO's The Night Of.)

During this release, Girard found himself in negotiations for placement of his track's entirety, all while simultaneously trying to come to a mutual agreement with different Record Labels who wanted to release the track, only if it were grouped together with upcoming singles as well.

Girard backed out of making any record/distribution deals with major labels and decided to handle the entire release with himself at the helm, navigating through the negotiations on his own and releasing his music through Wal-Mart, as well as other major retailers. Girard and Russo's physical album release of "When I Think of You," which to everyone's surprise and delight, was ultimately sold out of stock several times throughout the album's promotion. But, Girard noticed a problem.

With the shift of music now falling out of physical sale trend and falling more into "digital sales," Girard knew he had to make some changes in 2018 for his new upcoming single and album releases.

Today it was confirmed that Girard and Sony/Sugo will sign a deal for digital distribution of Girard's 2018 release, while Girard keeps his original relationship and contract for physical distribution, through Alliance Entertainment and Wal-mart. Girard has also brokered a distribution deal for Rhode Island up-and-comer, Sean Smith, through Sony/Sugo.

Currently, Girard is only performing his new upcoming single at his weekly residency for The Whiskey Republic showcases, in Providence Rhode Island.
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