South Korea Dominates the World in Education Again in 2017

South Korea’s education system ranks number one in the fifth annual NJ MED’s World Top 20 Education Poll.

Seoul, Korea, South, January 01, 2018 --( NJ MED (New Jersey Minority Educational Development), an NGO member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, announced their 2017 World Top 20 Education Poll winner yesterday.

This year’s winner is South Korea, which makes it the fourth consecutive year; their nation’s education system has taken the award. As the world’s best educated country.

The World Top 20 Education Poll monitors 208 nation’s education systems in five categories:

· early childhood enrollment rates,
· primary reading, math and science levels
· Secondary reading, math and science levels
· high school rates
· college graduation rates

NJ MED awards the country with the highest point total from the five categories as the Poll’s annual winner.

This year’s winner South Korea finished ahead of several other nations from Asia – Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Russia, as the top 5 finalists. Finland, the World Top 20 Poll’s projected winner in 2017 finished eighth.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, CEO and Founder of NJ MED, said, “South Korea continues to set the bar, in how a nation prepares its future workforce. It demonstrates a collective effort from the students, teachers and student’s parents on the importance of education.”

Mr. Mitchell II added, “To help encourage other nations to strive to be the best they can be. Our goal for 2018 is to showcase each nation’s education system on our website. We hope this will allow each country to analyze their SWOT, as well as, see how other successful nation’s education systems are structured.”

For a complete list of NJ MED’s 2017 World Top 20 Education Poll, please visit their website at
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Shomari Moore