Weekly Hotels Shared Thoughts on Extended Stay Travelers and Changing Landscape of Hospitality Industry

One of the biggest extended stay hotel search and booking portals, namely, Weekly Hotels shared their thoughts on increasing rate of extended stay travelers and related facts, which are changing the landscape of hospitality industry.

Juneau, AK, January 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- A representative of the leading extended stay hotel search and booking platform, namely, Weekly Hotels was seen during an event of hoteliers. The representative shared his thoughts with media about the increasing rate of extended stay travelers and how it is affecting the hospitality industry.

The spokesperson of the company shared that today’s customers are living mobile life and it is not only about using the mobile devices, but it is also about frequently traveling from one town to another for an extended stay than a short one. People need to travel across the cities for a variety of reasons, which can be related to personal or professional life. For example, many construction workers are living in other US city for an extended time due to work. Another example is travel lovers who go for an extended stay to a town so they can explore each nook and corner of the city and can also explore nearby tourist attractions. The ratio of extended stay travelers has been increased drastically in the past few years. The rising business opportunities, international events and exhibitions, tourist attractions and many more things are contributing in this increasing number of extended stay travelers and it is more likely that the number of extended stay travelers in upcoming years spike up even more.

“The changing lifestyle and challenges faced by many travelers during an extended stay has changed the demand curve of many industries, including the hospitality industry. Today’s hotel guest needs more choices, more comfortable living standards, better and bigger rooms, access to technological advancements such as internet; and he wants all these and much more at cheaper possible rates. These demands of extended stay traveler are changing the hospitality landscape drastically. Now, it seems it is near to impossible for the traditional hotels to live up to the expectations of an extended stay traveler and give him the amenities of his preference. Also, the costs of traditional hotels are quite higher, which is often a concern for many guests, who are on an extended stay. Furthermore, people have started being health conscious and health often gets compromised during an extended stay, which is unacceptable for many travelers. They demand healthy diet and gym access. All of these changes in demand by customers have made extended stay hotels the first choice of extended stay travelers. Based on the last years booking ratio we have on our weekly hotel booking portal, I can clearly say, the demand of extended stay hotels is touching the sky and it is maximum in past decade,” remarked spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “The reason of increasing demand of extended stay hotels is due to the fact that it offers everything a guest want during an extended stay: comfortable living standard, spacious rooms, a wider range of amenities and life essentials, healthy living, and much more and the best part is all of these at comparatively low rates.”

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