Beauty Salons and Day Spas Can Capitalize on Snow Days

Here are some good ideas that will help fill the chairs and rooms in a beauty salon or day spa when a snow day causes cancellations.

Cincinnati, OH, January 07, 2018 --( Bad weather and snow can cause mass cancellations at beauty salons and day spas. This will have a negative effect on sales, profits and stylist's income.

Fred Dengler CEO of The MIKAL Salon and Spa Computer Company has some great ideas on how salons and spas can make money during these bouts of bad weather.

Fred says, "If you have a snow day coming like we do in southern Ohio you are getting cancellations. You need to be proactive and fill the appointment book back up!"

As soon as the cancellations start Fred recommends the following.

Do an e-mail blast to all your clients offering them a Snow Day Special. Offer them 20% off today and tomorrow if they can make it in for an appointment.

Note: you may want to exclude all clients who have a future appointment date for today and tomorrow. Call MIKAL to find out how to fine tune your email blast list.

Mention the appointments are first come first served so book now for a good time slot.

Also mention that walk-ins can be accommodated so if you can't book in advance on a snow day and can still make it in the 20% off services is still valid.

Also post on your social media sites the snow day opportunity.

Jacob Brickman of Rene Delyn Salon in Dover Deleware uses this idea and he add to not e-mail to clients coming in the next 6 weeks because they already have an appointment. On the other hand Linda Polasky of Identity Salon and Medi-Spa feels that calling and texting your clients who are booked in the next few weeks to come in on the snow day moves client visits forward and opens the book for more sales in the future. Both strategies have their merits and benefits.

If your salon computer software allows sorting by the future appointments booked you can select or exclude clients easily.

Jill Wiltberger at Perfections Salon in Cincinnati likes to have special treats on the snow day including hot coco and cookies. Fred adds that other salons have hot soup, crackers, and flavored teas during the snow day special. The point is to reward the clients for braving the bad weather.

So start the new year out with some new strategies and turn a bad weather day into a big revenue day in the salon and spa.
Mikal Salon and Spa Software
Fred Dengler