Science Fiction Novel Helps Abused Kids

Millions of American children spent this past holiday in temporary shelters. A lot more children world-wide likely spent their respective "holidays" in worse conditions. Rarity from the Hollow is a double Gold medal adult literary SciFi novel that helps abused children by donating author proceeds to the prevention of child maltreatment. This novel is the first of a series of Lacy Dawn Adventures featuring an empowered victim of child maltreatment as the protagonist.

Charleston, WV, January 07, 2018 --( The final edition of Rarity from the Hollow was published by Dog Horn Publishing, a traditional small press in Leeds, U.K., on November 3, 2016. The eBook was released on December 5, 2016. Half of author proceeds are donated to Children's Homes Society of West Virginia, a nonprofit agency that serves over 13,000 children and families annually and located in an impoverished state that has the the most unfavorable economic forecast and the highest heroin overdose death rate in the nation, both correlates of child abuse.

Early tragedy in the story feeds and amplifies subsequent comedy and satire, including parody about current issues being hotly debated under the Trump administration -- immigration, complicated tax codes, funding for social supports, sexual harassment....

Over five hundred book blogs from twenty-nine countries have joined in a movement to present Rarity from the Hollow to the world, all pro bono with no funds expended for promotion. The book is available from all outlets but the eBook is now on sale at Amazon where it has been blurbed by Publishers Weekly, famous science fiction authors, and prominent book reviewers.
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