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Oxford Who's Who Publishing is pleased to announce Christina DiArcangelo Puller's recent partnership of her organizations, Affinity Bio Partners and Affinity BioCeuticals with HCXexperience (HCXP). Oxford Who's Who Publishing is extremely proud of member Christina DiArcangelo Puller, as she exemplifies high standards of professional performance with expert capabilities as well as proven and documented results.

Harrisburg, PA, January 09, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO of Affinity Bio Partners Affinity BioCeuticals is now technology partners with HCXperience (HCXP). “HCXP is leading the way in improving the client experience through electronic real-time software development. HCXP (supports, monitors, maintains) clients and partners nationwide who are focused on implementing and impacting change in data capture and data-base reporting. HCXP is proud to announce its partnership with Affinity Bio Partners and Affinity BioCeuticals. As the exclusive technology partner for each of the Affinity companies, we will provide our technology solutions to help facilitate meaningful data for clinical trials in a regulated manner. This is an exciting opportunity to serve healthcare together.” - Wayne Kelly, Founder HCXP.

Affinity Bio Partners and Affinity BioCeuticals’ are very pleased to announce this very strategic technology partnership with HCXP. Ms. DiArcangelo Puller states, "for each of my organizations, it is with great importance to ensure that all of our data generated for our clients’ needs as well as our needs for clinical trials that we are sponsoring are done happen in real time and with compliance. We are thrilled to be collaborating with HCXP."

HCXP is a Pennsylvania based company that provides innovative healthcare solutions and services. HCXP has clients and partners throughout the country working in tandem to impact change and how healthcare experience data is captured/reported. http://hcxpinc.com

Affinity Bio Partners is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach. There are many CROs in the market, but there is only one that will give their client’s organization the attention, services and results. Affinity BioCeuticals is a Medical Cannabis Biotech organization in the United States. Affinity BioCeuticals’ belief is that the potential healing powers of Medical Cannabis and its derivatives must be explored through clinical research. To that end, Affinity BioCeuticals’ will ensure that Medical Cannabis is utilized in the appropriate manner while adhering to the highest safety practices in dosing protocols and delivery methods. www.affinitybiopartners.com.

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