Silver Leaf Books Announces the Third Book "Beyond Phobos," by Author Kim Van Kramer of St. Petersburg, as Part of Silver Leaf Books Publishing’s Science Fiction Line

Sci-fi author hosts signing event to promote book three of the Phobos Series, “Beyond Phobos” at St. Petersburg Artworks Gallery, 635 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL, Saturday February 3, 2-4 p. m.

Saint Petersburg, FL, January 15, 2018 --( Book three “Beyond Phobos” completes the story of an agricultural scientist from Mars, who faces unprecedented challenges to feed a growing space colony. Fearing starvation, she takes things into her own hands and travels back to Earth to access the Svalbard Seed Vault on a remote Norwegian arctic archipelago. Her efforts to gain precious crop seeds unravel however after her ship crashes off course on a nearby glacier known as Spitsbergen. Caught in a dangerous tug-of war between a Russian Special-Ops team and Norwegian special forces, the plot thickens as Dr. Lirren Lamarr must learn to persevere in the face of danger, amid men, dogs, and drones who battle over a past and future locked in ice and snow.

Van Kramer says, "Running at full speed this book cements a must-read space opera that captures the reader in thrilling locations, classic adventure, chivalric romance and exciting action. Set in a technologically advanced future beginning on Mars, emotional conflicts and personal interests arise revealing a strong heroine who emerges with real human frailties. I have a fondness for courageous, misunderstood risk takers like my main protagonist — Dr. Lirren Lamaar, who consistently face trouble, yet all too capable, handles it well despite the vast unknowns that surround her. We should all daydream of such a future, a heroine, and who we could be in such times of uncertainty."

With a BA in Graphic design from the University Of Florida, Van Kramer works as a designer for Ashley Furniture’s ecommerce office in Ybor City, and continues writing, working towards future publications.

Beyond Phobos can be purchased on-line, or through Silver Leaf Books, LLC, P.O. Box 6460, Holliston, MA 01746.
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