SimplyThick® Launching a New Line of Products for People with Swallowing Disorders on February 1, 2018

New SimplyThick® EasyMix™ makes mixing thickened beverages a breeze for dysphagia patients and caregivers.

St. Louis, MO, January 19, 2018 --( SimplyThick® Gel was first introduced on the market in 2001 and has been changing the lives of those with swallowing disorders ever since. The most coveted benefit of SimplyThick Gel is its almost tasteless formula, allowing patients to drink the beverages they love safely, without altering the taste.

Even after tremendous success, SimplyThick inventor and founder John Holahan knew there was always room for improvement. He listened to his customers and found the biggest issue was the amount of effort it took to mix the product. Thus, SimplyThick® EasyMix™ was introduced.

The main point of difference in the reformulation of the product is that it allows the thickening of beverages with ease. The original SimplyThick gel formula required agitation with a fork – like whipping an egg – to correctly thicken beverages, or the use of a shaker. New SimplyThick EasyMix can be mixed with any handy utensil – spoon, fork, or even straw. No shakers required.

“SimplyThick® EasyMix™ makes preparing great looking and tasting beverages really easy and simple. Nothing can be used in so many beverages as consistently. This is a huge step forward for patients and their caregivers.” — John Holahan, SimplyThick inventor/founder

The new SimplyThick lineup will consist of 5 products:
1. STIND200L2 – SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 6g Individual Packets -200 count-Nectar (IDDSI Level 2)
2. STIND100L3 – SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 12g Individual Packets -100 count-Honey (IDDSI Level 3)
3. STBULK50L2 – SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 48g Bulk Packets -50 count-Nectar (IDDSI Level 2)
4. STBULK25L3 – SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 96g Bulk Packets -25 count-Honey (IDDSI Level 3)
5. ST2LBOTTLE – SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 2 Liter Bottle w/Pump. Nectar, Honey, Pudding (IDDSI Levels 1-4)

Additionally, SimplyThick, LLC is fully supporting the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) - “a global initiative to improve the lives of over 590 million people worldwide living with dysphagia” and has implemented the IDDSI colors and verbiage on all the new SimplyThick EasyMix packaging.

Old verbiage to IDDSI conversion:
• Nectar Thick = IDDSI Mildly Thick/Level 2 Consistency (PINK)
• Honey Thick = IDDSI Moderately Thick/Level 3 Consistency (YELLOW)

Patients will love SimplyThick EasyMix because it thickens a broad range of products (hot, cold, carbonated and supplements), allowing for improved hydration and nutrition. They will also enjoy the simple directions and pre-measured portions that are designed to make the proper consistency regardless of beverage choice – no charts required. Using SimplyThick EasyMix still produces the same great tasting beverages they’ve come to expect.

Speech-language pathologists will love the safety benefits of SimplyThick EasyMix. Unlike starch thickeners, SimplyThick EasyMix will maintain thickness over time, even in the presence of enzymes found in saliva. Additionally, unlike powdered thickeners SimplyThick EasyMix is fully hydrated and cannot swell and create esophageal blockages.

Additional benefits for SimplyThick EasyMix can be found at

The full line of SimplyThick EasyMix will be available online at and through select retailers and distributors on February 1, 2018.

For questions pertaining to SimplyThick EasyMix, please contact 800.205.7115 or
Jen Regan