Laboratory for T-Shirts Opens Flagship Store in Austin on January 22

Austin T-Shirt Lab, a brand new custom apparel company, is opening its doors for the first time within walking distance from The University of Texas campus to provide organizations and businesses the tools to bring their shirt ideas to life.

Austin, TX, January 19, 2018 --( Austin T-Shirt Lab is opening its first ever retail location right next to Starbucks on 24th and Nueces on January 22. This laboratory like retail concept allows for students, organizations or anyone with a t-shirt idea to experiment with designs and bring their custom t-shirt ideas to life with the help of on-site apparel experts.

Austin T-Shirt Lab uniquely takes what was almost exclusively an online experience and brings it in person, right next to The University of Texas campus. Clients can choose to begin experimenting from hundreds of professionally designed templates or create original illustrations entirely from scratch. The store front allows for an immersive experience where a variety of fabrics and styles are available to see and feel, including a unique fabric made from 100% recycled materials.

“We wanted to create a physical space where people can let their creative side truly flourish,” says Allen Carey, entrepreneur and founder of Austin T-Shirt Lab. “This store was made as a space to collaborate and to experiment with the support of apparel experts to guide them through the process. Designing can be used as a powerful agent of innovation, which is one of the many reasons we are excited to be the first custom apparel firm in Austin to feature shirts made from recycled materials.”

Each year Americans throw out roughly 81 pounds of clothing, which amounts to 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes to the landfill. Austin T-Shirt Lab aims to help solve this issue by not only creating custom t-shirts worth keeping for a lifetime, but by offering the option to print designs on high quality t-shirts made from recycled materials including plastic water bottles and refined t-shirt threading.

“We are excited to open our first store near of one of the best universities in Texas and we hope to see you all at our grand opening,” says Founder, Allen Carey. Austin T-Shirt Lab’s grand opening event will be at the end of January, though the store is open for business. To learn more about the grand opening, store offerings or to schedule an interview, contact Allen Carey at 512-215-9438 or email

About Austin T-Shirt Lab

Austin T-Shirt Lab is a custom apparel company in Austin, Texas founded in 2017 by Allen Carey and Alex Olk. They serve the graphic design needs of a variety of Greek sororities and fraternities, apartment complexes and other small businesses and organizations across the nation. Austin T-Shirt Lab specializes in custom t-shirts and apparel, but can create a variety of other promotional materials. To learn more, please visit
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