NaturalFront Launches Two New Versions of Its Pioneer 3D Face Animation Software and Prepares a Promising Crowdfunding Campaign

NaturalFront, the groundbreaking technology startup, is pleased to announce the launch of two new, state-of-the-art versions of its 3D industry – 3D face animation software. The company is initiating an interesting equity crowdfunding campaign to support its development.

Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2018 --( With the launch of the two, brand new and cutting-edge versions of its 3D face animation software, NaturalFront consolidates its innovative solution to one of the market’s most challenging tasks and takes the 3D industry many steps ahead.

With this new software, users can create a realistic 3D-face-model from a single photo in a few seconds and at a very low cost. Moreover, once created, the 3D-face-model will automatically have built-in professional-quality 3D animation. The technology can already make the computer simulate the complex movements of a human face in 3D as easy and reliable as operating two-dimensional windows.

For currently prevalent techniques, it will take days or even weeks to reach the same effect, because of the industry’s long-lasting reliance on trial-and-error. The saving in time and cost is even more dramatic for a larger amount of high-quality 3D-face-animation, which is normally needed for a typical animation movie or an electronic game.

Undoubtedly, NaturalFront is revolutionizing the film and video game industries. As Dean H, Founder of NaturalFront emphasizes “The new standard for human-machine interfacing has arrived and the way we interact with computers will never be the same because the human face is a credible and effective communicator.” “We believe we have the right technology that is to currently prevalent human-machine-interface, in a very similar way that Xerox’s GUI was to then command-line-interface. But we do not necessarily have to wait for decades to get financially awarded, since we now have the rapidly expanding VR/AR, besides movie and game making industries,” he adds.

To realize the full potential of its disruptive technology, NaturalFront is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign in seeking like-minded visionaries and capital to expand their operation. The campaign will present a unique opportunity to potential investors.

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NaturalFront, with offices in California, USA and Sydney, Australia, is an ambitious high technology company with genuinely unique 3D facial animation tools. Their mission is to deliver technology that allows the same high-quality results as traditional 3D facial animation techniques, without any of the budget-busting prices or time-consuming processes.
Dean Huang