Phidgets Inc. Releases Six New Devices

A servo controller, two motion sensors, two input devices and a new single-board computer now available at Phidgets.

Calgary, Canada, February 21, 2018 --( The next wave of new products available at Phidgets Inc. has arrived, bringing variety of new hardware: two motion sensors (one 3-axis accelerometer and one 3-axis spatial), two input devices (a dial and a thumbstick), a 16-channel servo controller, and a brand new single-board computer.

These new devices are a continuation of Phidgets’ new line of Versatile Interface devices (VINT for short), which means they are controlled by other Phidgets that have VINT ports, such as their 6-port USB VINT Hub. Along those lines, they have released the PhidgetSBC4: a new single-board computer that has 6 VINT ports along with other improvements to the computer: HDMI and microSD support, increased clock speed, and more internal storage. The two VINT motion sensors, the MOT1100 and MOT1101, bring to the table all the same accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope data as previous Phidget spatials, upgraded with the VINT protocol and being sold at a fraction of the price. The input devices, HIN1100 and HIN1101, provide for convenient inputs to your system in the form of a full 360-degree encoder dial and a 2-axis thumbstick with center pushbutton. Last but not least, the RCC1000 is a 16-channel servo controller, making it the largest servo controller available from Phidgets Inc. to date.

In this exciting unveiling of all six of these products, Phidgets customers are asked to stay tuned as there are still more products scheduled for release throughout 2018.
Phidgets Inc.
Michael Paradis