Weekly Hotels Shared Top Hotel Trends to be Witnessed in 2018

Weekly Hotels is a leading extended stay hotel search engine and serve thousands to millions of users daily. A spokesperson of the company shared the top 3 trends to be witnessed in the hotel industry in 2018.

New York, NY, January 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- On this occasion, the spokesperson of the company shared the top 3 trends to be witnessed in the upcoming year. According to the shared details, below are the stated top 3 predictions:
1. Extended stay will be increased
2. Extended stay hotels will gain popularity
3. Booking through mobile devices will be more popular

He further shared additional details about these top 3 predictions. He mentioned that “We are serving thousands of users through our extended stay hotel search and booking platform. Based on the trends and user behavior from the past few years on our own platform and other hoteliers, these are the top 3 trends of the hotel industry.”

The spokesperson of the company, then, elaborated each trend and reason behind the predictions. Extended stay will be increased.

According to a survey conducted by Hipmunk, "72% of increase in traveling by Millennials; 55% Millennials extended the business trip for additional leisure and recreation time. There are 38% Millennials who travel more than Gen X or elderly people. These survey statistics and the trends noticed on the portal Weekly Hotels, it is clear that this year will experience a spike in the number of extended stay travelers than past years."

Extended stay hotels will gain popularity
Among all available lodging options, the extended stay hotels won the race in becoming the most favorite accommodation option for many. This is because of a wide array of amenities offered by the extended stay hotels at affordable and cheap weekly rates. The extended stay hotels provide much more comfort and fun than rental apartments or traditional hotels to these travelers on extended stays. That’s why there was more than a 325% increase in booking of extended stay hotels in the past year. This is a clear sign that the extended stay hotels are more popular among the travelers.

Booking through mobile devices will be more popular
According to the collected user pattern, 8 out of 10 bookings are made using a mobile device, i.e., Smartphone. It means people are using Smartphone and tablet more to book a room or an apartment for their next trip. Furthermore, the ratio of advanced booking than on-the-spot booking has been increased terrifically in the past few years. People like to book themselves and the required facilities well in advance. They are not only booking the rooms, but also book breakfast and other required amenities during their stay. This creates a clear necessity of having a mobile friendly portal for hoteliers.

The shared trends can be used by the hoteliers and even the frequent travelers. They can get a clear hint of the best lodging option for an extended stay.

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