RAIDIX Data Storage Expands on the Chinese Media & Entertainment Market

RAIDIX announces cooperation with a Chinese system integrator Cloud Descendant Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stansstad, Switzerland, January 24, 2018 --( Data storage vendor RAIDIX signed up with a Chinese system integrator Cloud Descendant Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – provider of turnkey video production solutions to major film companies and postproduction studios in China. The RAIDIX-powered solution allows media customers to boost data access performance and cut time-to-market, and ensures optimal TCO and fault-tolerance.

Cloud Descendant is a Chinese developer of professional video editing and grading appliances. The partner’s clientele encompasses Beijing Film Academy, TV channel France 2–Beijing, DMG Entertainment Media and other celebrated brands. In order to bolster throughput and multi-thread HD video processing, the company addressed the high-performance RAIDIX technology.

RAIDIX delivers a host of crucial benefits to M&E: support for the entire video production lifecycle from ingestion to broadcasting and archiving, high sustainable performance (up to 15 GB/s) with 2К/4K/8K workloads due to parallel calculations (in the patented RAID 6 and 7.3 levels), high-speed shared access to data from multiple workstations, and scalability on-the-fly with no downtime or increased latencies.

The RAIDIX software is compatible with all major hardware interfaces – both SAN (Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, 12G SAS) and NAS (NFS, SMB, AFP, FTP) protocols, as well as professional video equipment (Аррlе, AJA, Blackmagic Design, etc.) and resource-intensive editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Smoke, DaVinci Resolve, SGO Mistika, and more).

Comprehensive RAIDIX-based storage solutions are employed by top Hollywood and Bollywood studios, international TV channels and postproduction companies. According to various estimates, the Chinese M&E segment may reach $235–243 billion by 2019. At that, industrial storage brands gradually cede ground to hardware-agnostic software-defined storage solutions in video production.

Mindful of cost-effective local hardware components and real M&E needs behind $/GB and $/IOPs, RAIDIX offers the high-performance SDS-systems to system integrators and end customers in China, factoring in the key parameters of performance, universal compatibility and data integrity.


RAIDIX ( is a leading solution provider and developer of high-performance data storage systems. The company’s strategic value builds on patented erasure coding methods and innovative technology designed by the in-house research laboratory. The RAIDIX Global Partner Network encompasses system integrators, storage vendors and IT solution providers offering RAIDIX-powered products for professional and enterprise use.
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