Fast Invest Expands P2P Platform Offering to Non-EU Investors

Fast Invest is creating a digital banking system, prioritizing the investment sector to help people generate secure and stable passive income streams, and thereby achieve financial freedom. The Company's value comes from merging fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Harlow, United Kingdom, January 23, 2018 --( FastInvest is thrilled to announce the ability for non-EU citizens to access their peer-to-peer investment loan platform, where investors can invest in people from as little as one dollar. The FinTech company has been operating since 2015 in the investment loan space, connecting funders with loan-seekers in a peer-to-peer exchange. With more than 8,500 daily users from 36 countries, FastInvest is quickly growing with branches planned for U.S., Hong Kong, and Singapore in the coming years.

Now, non-EU citizens have the ability to generate passive income with FastInvest, as long as they have an EU IBAN account. Users have the additional benefit of being able to invest using various currencies, including the EURO, GBP, USD, and PLN. Converting these various currencies is easy since the platform offers a free currency exchange tool. Also new is the ability to invest in loans originating from Denmark. With potential interest rates of up to 14%, investing in your fellow human (and generating passive income) is easier and safer than ever.

Simona Vaitkune, CEO of FastInvest on the future of her company, "Our platform is unique because of the low entry point - you can invest with as little as 1 Dollar or Euro. So it’s accessible to anyone, and it doesn’t matter how much money you have...but what we’re really getting excited about is implementing the blockchain into our transactional operations. I see massive, massive opportunity in blockchain to make transactions safer, more stable, transparent and, most importantly, in confirming operations immediately."

Along with being a P2P investment loan platform, FastInvest is developing an entire suite of financial products designed to leverage the capabilities of cryptocurrencies. FastInvest sees blockchain technologies as the future of FinTech, which is why they’re launching a native token (FIT) that will act as the access key to all of their crypto products. Users can participate in their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to obtain FIT and be able to enjoy FastInvest’s crypto-services when launched.

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