Nestlé Health Science Presents MedAware Systems’ Data and Analysis at a Major International Scientific Meeting

Broomfield, CO, January 25, 2018 --( Nestlé Health Science is reporting conclusive data on the positive benefits of one of their medical nutrition products, Impact®, at the ASPEN 2018 Nutrition Science and Practice Conference, today. The overall effect of Impact®, when administered pre-operatively, is an improvement of the immune response of patients undergoing surgery of the intestine.

MedAware Systems curated and analyzed data from over 140 publications, including 45 randomized clinical trials, with over 10,500 human subjects, 60 nutrition support regimens, and seven surgical indications. Results of the analysis showed significant reductions in IL-6 (an inflammation marker) and CRP levels (an infection marker) in the blood of patients when Impact® was administered. Improvement in the immune system and reduction in these markers are linked to shorter hospital stays, reduced need for blood transfusions, and reduced rates of complications. These improved patient outcomes can be directly linked to a reduction in the cost of care.

Dr. Peter Nichol, MD, PhD, MedAware Systems’ Chief Medical Officer commented: “The Mega-analysis we provided clearly demonstrates the value of bringing science to healthcare information. MedAware Systems discovered previously unknown and vital information on improved surgical outcomes.” He continued, “This knowledge is valuable to insurers as well, as cost can be reduced by thousands of dollars per patient for an upfront expense of $75 to $100 for this medical nutrition product.”

About MedAware Systems, Inc.

MedAware Systems, Inc. disrupts the health informatics industry by forever changing the way Pharma and medical device companies, physicians, payers and patients derive usable evidence from published clinical trials research. The Company’s Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo™) is a Scientific-Data-as-a-Service (SDaaS™) that solves the problem of making the vast and chaotic body of human clinical trials research instantly available and indispensable for understanding the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and devices.
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