Exscudo Announced EON Testnet Stage Three

Tallinn, Estonia, January 27, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Exscudo is happy to announce that EON blockchain testnet was successfully updated (25.01.18) at 12 AM UTC. Users can update their peers with the source code published on Github by Exscudo team.

Testnet is the early version of EON, flexible new generation blockchain created by Exscudo. It is needed for open public tests of the functionality, which after some time will be applied to the main net. The features introduced to the testnet today include colored coins and a bunch of new commands.

Colored coins are tokens that are marked to represent other assets. In the Exscudo ecosystem they are needed to create equivalents of existing crypto or fiat currencies and assets, enabling users to work with different currencies with the same rules.

The new commands are also connected to colored coins. Users can now issue new coins, change their amount, make transactions and check the balance. You can find the detailed description of the new commands in the new client readme.

Participate in EON testnet - take a chance to experience the innovative blockchain technology today.
Vasilisa Chernyavtceva