Exscudo Beta Exchange Minimal Functionality

Beta Exchange is the early version of Exscudo exchange, real-time trading tool operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As announced earlier, open beta testing of Exscudo exchange will start in February, and trading on the actual exchange - in Q1 2018. - February 02, 2018

Exscudo Announced EON Testnet Stage Three

Exscudo is happy to announce that EON blockchain testnet was successfully updated (25.01.18) at 12 AM UTC. Users can update their peers with the source code published on Github by Exscudo team. Testnet is the early version of EON, flexible new generation blockchain created by Exscudo. It is needed... - January 27, 2018

EON Testnet Was Successfully Updated

Exscudo is happy to announce the beginning of Stage One of EON blockchain testing. Testnet is the early version of EON, flexible new generation blockchain created by Exscudo. When EON blockchain testnet was launched on October 4, the functionality available for the public testing was limited. Only... - November 19, 2017

Exscudo Uses Multisignature Technology to Protect User Accounts

Digital space is full of dangers, one of which is hacker attacks. That is why such services as cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, that exist only in digital space, are particularly vulnerable. Since transactions in blockchain are irreversible it is impossible to get back the stolen funds. - November 11, 2017

Exscudo and Crypto.Tickets Establish New Standards in Tickets Industry

The cooperation between Exscudo and Crypto.Tickets will forever change ticket sales for the mass event industry. It will establish new standards with highest levels of security. - November 02, 2017

Exscudo Successfully Launches EON Blockchain Testnet

Exscudo team is extremely excited to launch EON blockchain testnet today. Finally, after months of hard work, coding and internal testing, Exscudo has launched the public testnet. - October 13, 2017

Chris Skinner Joins Exscudo Advisory Board

Exscudo is happy to announce that fintech influencer Chris Skinner joined their team as an adviser. Chris will help them with marketing and strategic planning, he will provide a fresh, independent perspective, expertise, conduct an evaluation and make recommendations. He will work closely with management of the project making smart business decisions. Chris will perform an in-depth market analysis and identify the best opportunities for growth. - October 13, 2017

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