Sea Age Wine Have Achieved Incredible Results After Just 1 Month; With a Discovery Found by Mistake

Remarkable discovery which was found by chance

Javea, Spain, January 27, 2018 --( “Sea Aged Wine,” a company that has been ageing wine by conduction in sea water tanks, has discovered that the process is better than the company had first envisaged.

The Company have been ageing wine in Jávea Spain in tanks on land. The tanks which have seawater from the Mediterranean inside have a temperature control system. Bottles of wine are aged in the seawater by conduction in complete darkness within the tanks.

After a mistake with the dates, which was realised after a tasting session. It came to be that the wine tasted was in the tank aged by conduction for just 1 month. It was mistaken to have been inside the tank for at least 3 months.

Bottles of wine are all sealed in vacuum bags when loaded into crates and then dated. It wasn't realised until after the tasting session that the wrong batch had been tasted. However all the persons tasting agreed that the taste change from a bottle not aged in the tank was remarkable.

One of the tasters was Graham Smith, inventor of the patented sea ageing tanks. “I thought it tasted fantastic just like the other batches we have aged. They were aged for 3 and 6 months in the tanks. It wasn't until we checked the date on the protective vacuum bag that we became aware the wine had been in the tank for just 1 month,” said Graham.

This proves that conduction is allowing the wine to age and change much more rapidly than was previously thought. Coupled with the correct set temperature and complete darkness within the tanks.

The website shows the tanks and details of the sea aged wine company. Now they plan to use the latest results to bring to market wine aged in the tanks for just 1 month. The patented tanks seem to be working beyond what they were designed to do.

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