Sea Aged, This is Now the Name to Cover All of Sea Aged Wines Products

With an ever growing demand for their products Sea Aged Wine has launched a new website with the main domain This now links with, and - July 17, 2020

Sea Aged Cider Running Out of Stock, A Perfect Solution Found; An Almost Never Ending Supply of Apples, Which Now Creates an Even Bigger Market

Doing something different often leads to criticism, or praise, rarely both. However, when you do something different and it has a massive impact. That does lead to both criticism and praise. - September 27, 2019

Sea Aged Cider Has Arrived. Now Available in Europe, Sea Aged Cider Tastes Much Softer and Smoother Than Non Sea Aged.

Cider needs to be pasteurised to kill harmful bacteria, this also tends to make the taste dull and lifeless. However, once Sea Aged in patented on land seawater tanks, it changes completely. - January 09, 2019

Headache Cured Before It Even Starts

Sea Aged Wine of Javea Spain have made an important discovery. - December 17, 2018

Sea Aged Wine Expand Their Operations to the Canary Islands

This is a move seen by many in the industry as an expansion to ultimately cover most of Europe and the USA. Sea Aged Wine, the company, has invented tanks which can age wine in seawater on land. This dramatically lowers the carbon footprint of sea ageing wine and has environmental benefits for the open seas. - September 08, 2018

Sea Aged Wine Have Experts Taste the Latest Batch of Wine

Sea Aged Wine based in Javea Spain have been ageing wine in seawater on land in patented tanks. This is to conform to health rules by the FDA in the USA. - June 22, 2018

Sea Aged Wine Have Now Started to Age Cava in Their Sea Ageing Tanks

Cava being the Spanish equivalent to Champagne from France and Prosecco from Italy. - April 03, 2018

Federal Gov in the USA Ensure Safety of Wine Drinkers. Sea Aged Wine, the Company, Are Not Affected by the Ruling.

The federal government in the USA have made a statement that wine aged in and coming directly from the sea or ocean is not allowed to be consumed as it could be contaminated. - March 12, 2018

The Sea Aged Wine Company Based in Xàbia Spain Are Turning Green. Environmental Green That Is.

Since its conception some three years ago, the idea of saving the environment was at the forefront of the company. Since they refused to age wine on the sea bed and destroy the creatures environment that live there. They are now going even more environment friendly. - March 01, 2018

History Repeating Itself; Sea Aged Wine with Jordan River Winery to Age Wine in Sea Water

When what we were doing in the past can make things taste better today. - February 12, 2018

Sea Age Wine Have Achieved Incredible Results After Just 1 Month; With a Discovery Found by Mistake

Remarkable discovery which was found by chance - January 27, 2018

Israel to Benefit from Sea Aged Wine Tanks

This is how the Israeli wine business will be benefiting from a new invention. It has several benefits for Jews and for the Israeli wine industry. - January 14, 2018

New Sea Aged Wine. Aged in Tanks on Land, the Wine in Bottles Has a Controlled Temperature and in Complete Darkness. First Batch Nearing Completion.

Sea Aged Wine. Not just for the rich but now available for all. It has been said many times at tastings that Sea Aged Wine does taste different and it does have a uniqueness about it. (Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saunders. Stated on this BBC wine program). And often it is said that it's “A... - January 08, 2018

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