Mi Binky is Launching a New Pacifier to Help Combat SIDS and Brain Cell Death in Babies

The new pacifier could allow infants to breathe and feed correctly while helping to preventing brain cell death.

Xabia, Spain, January 30, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Mi Binky is a company founded to help combat SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) and allow infants to breathe correctly through the nasal passage.

SIDS, also known as cot death, claims the lives of over 4,600* babies in the USA each year and a similar number in the EU. Figures for the rest of the world are not verified.

Mi Binky, founded by the inventor Graham Smith, whose own daughter passed away at the tender age of just 7 days, is launching a pacifier also known as a dummy or binky which has been proven to clear the nostrils of infants. Infants are natural obligate breathers (breathing only through the nostrils**) Smith's invention allows an infant to breathe and receive comfort from a pacifier at the same time. This helps when the baby's nostrils have become blocked by natural occurring mucus.

Smith's pacifier also referred to as “Mi Binky” has a capsule attached to the top shield part of the pacifier. The capsule is designed to contain a cotton insert. The cotton insert consists of a non medicated decongestant.

The decongestant is able to keep an infant's airway (the nostrils) clear of mucus. Allowing the infant to breathe, suck and once the nostrils are clear in this way, feed. The inserts are designed to be effective for up to 7 hours. And then can be replaced with a fresh insert.

“Babies can cry due to the fact they are not able to breathe through the nostrils***. The crying allows them to gasp air into the lungs. Most people associate a crying baby with it being hungry; this is not always the case, it can be a blocked nose,” said Smith.

Smith went on to say, “The evidence is now pointing to prove that a blocked nose for a baby can prove fatal.**** Also evidence is now pointing to brain cell death.***** Brain cells die from lack of oxygen, when a baby can not breathe through its nostrils it will cry. The crying is a way to get oxygen into the lungs.” However this may not be enough oxygen.

There are other benefits to this new patented invention. If a baby can now be able to breathe naturally using this device, it would allow the parents or carers of the baby to also get a good night's sleep. Stress levels in parents and carers could also be reduced. Babies with a clear nose are able to feed correctly helping to gain the weight they need and to develop correctly. And once the device has cleared the mucus enough, the baby can feed.

Molds are now being manufactured to mass produce the pacifier. Smith and his team have already tested the pacifiers. This was possible due to 3D printing technology.

“3D printing has been fantastic; it's allowed us to make the prototypes to prove we could unblock the nostrils and keep them clear for an amount of time to allow feeding. It also proved babies could breathe clearly while using the our pacifier without the need to cry due to lack of oxygen,” added Smith.

Soon infants and toddlers will be able to benefit from this device. When the mold is complete in several weeks time, the pacifier and non medicated inserts will be available to purchase on the internet and at retailers.

The website www.mibinky.com shows the new patented product and the non medicated inserts. Contact details: infomibinky@gmail.com or call UK 0044 2380 970302 Rest of Europe: Spain 0034 662 406 516

*https://www.ispid.org/fileadmin/user_upload/textfiles/articles/CPR17_Hauck_SIDS_Trends.pdf source of SIDS deaths.
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