Carbon Valley Heating & Air Announce Winner of the Oldest Furnace Contest

Oldest Furnace Contest creates a cozy home in Colorado.

Firestone, CO, January 31, 2018 --( Carbon Valley Heating & Air announced the 2017 winner of their free furnace contest. Katy Simmons is the proud new owner of a Revolv Modular Home Furnace. Replacing her 41-year-old Duo-Therm furnace, Kathy is set to enjoy warm & reliable heat for many years to come.

Carbon Valley Heating & Air was delighted to bring their expert installation services to Kathy’s home. With their guaranteed installations, experienced & NATE certified technicians, Kathy can rest easy knowing that her new Revolv furnace will work exactly as it should.

Josh of Carbon Valley said, “We are happy to give back to the community and provide a new more efficient furnace to a customer in need.”

Carbon Valley’s oldest furnace contest required applicants to submit photos and details about their current furnace, with the oldest and most out of date winning a brand new furnace and installation.

An 80% furnace means that for every $1.00 you give the gas company you get .80 cents worth of heat and 20% goes right out the flue. Plus, older motors cost $480 a year to run. The newer efficient motors cost about $37 a year. It also means they deliver heat more evenly to fully heat your home.

Customer safety is also on top of mind with old furnaces, the EPA states the average AC or furnace lasts about 12 years. After that, the danger of operating that system goes up exponentially the older it gets.

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