PATECCO Security Strategies Address GDPR

Sofia, Bulgaria, February 01, 2018 --( PATECCO, the European top Managed Services company, aligns its security strategy to Continuous GDPR Compliance, to address threats and mitigate risk. As the General Data Protection Regulation promotes key security tenets of confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and data, PATECCO develops security concepts set of IAM and cloud solutions. They are designed to help protect data, manage user identities, monitor and audit IT environments, and prevent security threats.

Identity and Access Governance Solutions
Comprehensive Identity and Access Governance Solutions are applied for rapid and actionable compliance, to deliver user administration, privileged account management, and identity intelligence, powered by rich analytics and actionable insight. This kind of solutions enable organizations to efficiently balance the objectives of access, security, and compliance, while enabling user self-services to reduce total cost of ownership.

PATECCO's Identity Governance suite provides many benefits, including increased end user productivity, reduced cost and risk, increased efficiency, business friendly access policies.

Access Management for Applications, Data, and Web Services
The Access Management Solutions deliver end-to-end user authentication, single sign-on, and authorization protection, enabling enterprises to secure access from mobile devices and integrate social identities with applications. The benefits are related to seamless single sign-on to any application from any device, enhanced user productivity, accelerated application lifecycle and simplified evolution of fine-grained security policies for applications and databases.

Cloud Solutions
PATECCO develops a set of security standards and processes to meet compliance for Cloud Applications and applies technologies to onboard Cloud applications into IAM.

The benefits of strategically implementing the right technology, with effective security controls, can help the business address regulatory requirements, reduce risk, make better competitive advantage and enable digital transformations.

Besides, PATECCO’s solutions framework includes basic security measures that organizations should consider implementing. These measures are data protection, access controls, monitor, block and audit, secure configurations.

Deploying encryption for data is one of the first steps to data protection because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The encryption is designed to prevent unauthorized access and provides a strong preventive control. After the encryption of data, PATECCO implements security controls that determine who has authorized access.

Thanks to the access and identity management technology and high experience PATECCO helps customers with a strategy designed to achieve GDPR security compliance.
Ina Nikolova