Exscudo Beta Exchange Minimal Functionality

Beta Exchange is the early version of Exscudo exchange, real-time trading tool operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As announced earlier, open beta testing of Exscudo exchange will start in February, and trading on the actual exchange - in Q1 2018.

Tallinn, Estonia, February 02, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Open testing is an important stage of the Exscudo exchange development. During this period Exscudo team will fix all the major bugs, and users will have a chance to explore the new features. At the beginning beta exchange will have minimal functionality. Here what you will be able to do from the very start:

Register your account with your email;

Be authorized;

Use quote tools;

Perform trade operations;

Check order history;

Check your balance.

Initially “Limit” order will be available for users only. Another orders, including “Market,” “Stop-Limit,” “Profit-Lost,” will be introduced later on.

Users participating in the exchange testing will be granted with coins automatically. But, please, be aware that coins circulating into the beta exchange have no real value and are for testing purposes only. They are invalid in the actual exchange and can be neither transferred, nor used there.
Vasilisa Chernyavtceva