How NOWDO Changed the Life of an Author Forever

NOWDO is an online translation platform; you can publish your novel or manga here. You can also translate other authors' mangas or novels with the built-in translation tool.

Beijing, China, February 09, 2018 --( Gone are the days when authors had to run behind publishing houses to get their novels published. With platforms like NOWDO changing the lives of authors all around the globe, writing and getting published is not a tough task anymore. This story is about Andrew who turned around his career as an author completely with the help of NOWDO.

He had a few short-stories written and compiled in early 2017 and wanted to publish a collection of short stories with which youngsters from different parts of the world could find an instant connect. Though he was clear with his mind, he didn’t know how to proceed further and see whether people liked his work in reality or not.

To put his doubts to rest, Andrew took the help of the NOWDO and published his first short story there. Since the website gets a lot of visits from people interested in reading and writing, his story was read by many people. Even by those who were from different countries and spoke a different language, all thanks to NOWDO’s translation feature.

A positive response to the first story inspired Andrew to publish another short story on the site, which got an even better response and was read by half a million people within a matter of few months. This was unexpected for him as he was always looked down upon by his publishers. At one time, he was even considering giving up his career as an author and start a 9-5 job. However, NOWDO changed his life completely.

A few months back, as soon as Andrew checked his mailbox, he found that a publishing house had shown interest in his work and was willing to publish his short stories in the form of a novel. The publishing house even offered a signup amount which was way more than what Andrew had made in the last 18 months or so.

Andrew is not depressed anymore. His fans are happy that they will get to read his work in the form of a complete novel.

Be like Andrew. Switch to NOWDO and change your life forever.
Alan Lee