Alice Palmeri Talks on Whiplash and Massage Therapy

Alice Palmeri gives talk in Southeast Portland about benefits of massage therapy after whiplash from car accidents.

Portland, OR, February 09, 2018 --( Alice Palmeri spoke at Tabor Space in Southeast Portland on January 12, 2018 about the benefits of receiving massage therapy after a car accident. She reviewed how whiplash can have lasting impacts on the body even years later and why soft tissue work when combined with physical therapy is helpful to fully heal.

After giving a overview of whiplash injury she explained why people may suffer from neck pain, headaches, mood change, sleep disturbances, and concussion. Palmeri stated, “Many people who get in car accidents never receive the attention their bodies need. And some even have concussions that are left untreated, thinking they just have a lingering headache that will eventually go away. It’s really important to get checked out by your doctor and also get massage so that your body can heal correctly.” At the end of the talk, Palmeri answered questions.

Palmeri works as a massage therapist at Portland Pilates Collective and Wellness Center in conjunction with pilates instructors, chiropractors, and intuitive energy healers. She gives talks throughout Portland on various health related issues.
Alice Palmeri, LMT
Alice Palmeri