Alice Palmeri, LMT Responds to COVID-19

Alice Palmeri, LMT announces she will temporarily close her doors until the corona virus is no longer a danger to Portland residents. - April 06, 2020

Alice Palmeri, LMT Receives 2019 Best of Portland Award

Alice Palmeri, LMT receives 2019 Best of Portland Award for best Portland massage therapist. - August 08, 2019

Alice Palmeri Speaks on Whiplash Recovery for Women

On April 3rd, Alice Palmeri, LMT spoke about women and recovering from whiplash. - May 09, 2019

Alice Palmeri, LMT Speaks on Neck Care After a Car Accident

Alice Palmeri, LMT gave a talk on February the 2nd, 2019 about neck care after a car accident. She reviewed the 5 best ways to help your neck muscles recover after a neck injury. Palmeri has a private massage practice in southeast and northwest Portland, Oregon. She spoke on neck injury and recovery because of her interest and expertise in the area. - February 20, 2019

Alice Palmeri, LMT Adds New Northwest Portland Location for Massage

Alice Palmeri, LMT is now available for massage in northwest Portland, Oregon. - January 09, 2019

Alice Palmeri, LMT - Newest Therapist at The Float Shoppe

Alice Palmeri, LMT - Newest Therapist at The Float Shoppe in Portland, OR. She offers therapeutic massages; specializing in massages for mothers, children, and those with chronic neck pain. - December 08, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Joins WombPdx Postpartum Collective in Portland, OR

Alice Palmeri, LMT joins Womb Postpartum Collective in Portland, OR. WombPdx is an online resource for new moms. Palmeri is it's newest member and specializes in family centered massage therapy. - December 03, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Gives Talk on the Benefits of Massage for ADHD

Alice Palmeri, LMT speaks at Soma space in Northwest Portland, Oregon about massage and ADHD. - October 29, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Teaches Positive Body Image Class for Teens

On June 5th, 2018, Alice Palmeri, LMT lead a class on positive body image for teen girls. The class was held at Awakenings Collective in southeast Portland, Oregon. The class focused on discussion around what it means to be a woman growing up in today’s culture. The class explored ideas of... - June 21, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Talks on Teen Massage in Portland Oregon

Alice Palmeri, LMT talks on the benefits of teen massage in treating stress, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and supporting emotional development and a healthy body image. - May 22, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Gives Lecture on Natural Migraine Help Through Massage

Alice Palmeri, LMT Gives Lecture on Natural Migraine Help Through Massage in Portland, Oregon on February 12, 2018. - April 06, 2018

Alice Palmeri, LMT Gives Talk on Therapeutic Massage for Kids and Teenagers

Alice Palmeri, LMT gives talk on the benefits of massage therapy for teenagers and children in SE Portland, OR. - February 25, 2018

Alice Palmeri Talks on Whiplash and Massage Therapy

Alice Palmeri gives talk in Southeast Portland about benefits of massage therapy after whiplash from car accidents. - February 09, 2018

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