Digibell - The Next Generation Cat Bell Kickstarter Campaign Has Launched

Traditional cat bells just don't work. Cats are far too smart. Digibell is the digital solution to this age old problem, and is now available on Kickstarter.

London, United Kingdom, February 08, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Digibell - The Next Generation Cat Bell

Now Live on Kickstarter,

Digibell is the smart alternative to a traditional cat bell.

Its widely accepted that domestic cats kill in the region of 1 billion birds a year worldwide, that's not including feral and stay cats.

Digibell is more sensitive than a traditional bell and can alert the prey even after the cat has stopped moving (Ambush).

It can be muted at any time by holding down the button, and there are 3 selectable libraries of alerts, bird alerts, general and digital.

The alerts have been carefully chosen to be as effective as possible whilst easy on the ear.

Promotional Videos

Digibell Promo : https://youtu.be/FxZE2va7lFE

Digibell Features : https://youtu.be/7leShrRQ3RY

Contact Information

Press: www.digibell.co.uk
Kickstarter Campaign: www.digibell.co.uk/kickstarter
Twitter: @thedigibell
Facebook www.facebook.com/thedigibell
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedigibell
Pinterest: pinterest.com/digibell


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