Max Lami Launches Totally Organic Vegan Clothing

Learn more about the vegan clothing brand of Max Lami.

London, United Kingdom, February 08, 2018 --( Max Lami is releasing a wholly vegan clothing line. To align with Max’s green way of life he has created a clothing range which features entirely recyclable materials and biodegradable packaging. The clothes themselves are made of an ingenious hemp weave – entirely natural, hard wearing and stylish. Oil based polymers, which are commonly used in the clothing industry persist in the environment for many years without ever degrading completely. Wools, silks and furs can all be removed from animals forcefully, so Max vowed to steer clear of these types of materials due to his strong love of animals and vegan principles.

The Max Lami skate wear brand came to fruition on the 10th of July, 2017, and since then the brand has performed amazingly, going from strength to strength. The thrilling new Max Lami Vegan line will arrive early 2018 and will be available to all residents in the UK with global shipping coming in late 2018.

When starting the brand, he said, “Although I can’t skateboard anymore, I still want to help people enjoy it through my clothing and designs. I want to bring a different feel and concept to the skate wear industry.” And many would agree he has met these wishes. Following on from these successes he is ready to pass his green-living ideals and views on animal welfare, onto the skate community.

Max wanted to thank all those who supported his brand by using his new-found fame to good use. He said, “As a child I couldn’t wait to tear open new boxes of skate gear, little did I know that the materials were unrecyclable and contributed to our current plastic crisis. Me and my team put our heads together and designed a fully eco-friendly, vegan conscious clothing line.” He continued, “I’m really pleased how the brand has been going recently and I think we are finally in a position to offer this great new clothing line.”

Max noted that many skate wear brands often used plastics in packaging and the clothes themselves, and they help contribute to the overall environmental degradation that has occurred in recent times. “I think it is about time skateboarding became vegan and environmentally friendly. Most other industries are pushing towards a greener outlook, why can’t skating?”

This comes after the skate wear brand opened a pop up shop at Camden Lock market in August, where it performed extremely well, with the most popular designs selling out completely.

The clothing line will be ready to purchase early 2018. Head over to to buy.
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