Albert Fang: the UCLA Graduate Who Chose Blogging About Cryptocurrency Over Finding a Job

"Just another aspiring small business owner and amateur photographer blogging in an attempt to break down personal finance lingo." - Albert Fang

San Francisco, CA, February 09, 2018 --( In Albert Fang’s biography, he likes to advertise himself as “Just another aspiring small business owner and amateur photographer,” who blogs “In an attempt to break down personal finance lingo" (Albert Fang). However, what people didn't know about him is that he is a UCLA graduate who chose to blog about cryptocurrency and personal finance over the norm of finding a job quick out of college. Instead, Albert decided to follow his passion of sharing financial advice on his blog ranging from topics about free travel credit card points to travel the world, to the cryptocurrency craze, to cashback opportunities on regular day spending on dining even. But above all else, Albert hopes to simplify finances in layman terms that anyone could understand.

Albert Fang attended the University of California, Los Angles (UCLA), majoring in Geography. One could say that Albert likes to go against the grain. Although he has a knack for the digital space in websites, mobile applications, and digital marketing, he likes to think outside of the box. He chose to major in Geography to learn about people, cultures, and the demographics of different regions all around the world as an academic interest so one day he could travel to all seven continents. Yes, even Antarctica. But above all else, he aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. Albert doesn’t take the word, entrepreneur, lightly too. He believes nowadays that the term is overused. However, he still hopes one day he could proudly call himself one.

Albert’s first experience with digital marketing and online business ventures was an accident. When asked on why he was passionate about digital marketing and online businesses, he said because, "At the time his family was financially struggling to make ends meet, and he dreaded going to the flea market at the young age of ten." Eventually, Albert would go on to start a blog called Moola Days, which enabled him to progressively hone his skills in digital marketing and web development through the generosity of the Internet. Moola Days would go on to make over $70,000 over its lifetime.

While every college graduate is frantically looking for a corporate job in a very competitive job market, Albert hopes to rekindle his passion for the digital space with his newfound freedom. Albert is currently relaunching his blog on personal finance under the name,

What is Albert up to now is anyone's guess. Who knows what he has planned considering he like to go against the grain.
Albert Fang
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