Asterisk Announces Session Border Controller for VoIP Network Security

Well known for its VoIP solutions with an innovative twist, Asterisk has done it again with a much improved and fine-tuned session border controller for VoIP networks with plenty of features.

Arlington, TX, February 10, 2018 --( Ahmedabad-based Asterisk launched a much improved and finely tuned Session Border Controller for VoIP network security with a host of other features as well. Talking to the audience, a representative of Asterisk said that its present offering is the outcome of intensive research into what VoiP service providers expect by way of security and call quality and the problems they face.

Asterisk as SBC experts have come up with a comprehensive solution for VoIP network security. The session border controller can be software or a hardware implementation but software implementation such as the one offered by Asterisk is always better due to ease of use and future upgrades. The SBC solution for SBC works as a sentry, going beyond normal firewalls in networks that cannot handle security adequately where VoIP services are involved. Such VoIP traffic is vulnerable to virus attacks, DOS and DDOS and snooping that can seriously compromise security and confidentiality of communications. The Session Border Controller stands as a watch guard in between and provides security.

Asterisk SBC does more by providing network address traversal and hiding internal network topology through IP masking. SBC has more vital functions. Half of the problems of VoIP carriers and service providers are due to mismatches in codecs at originating and receiving ends, all of which issues are seamlessly resolved by the use of SBC that carries out functions of media transcoding and protocol translations. There are even more desirable features of SBC that make it indispensable for VoIP carriers and service providers such as SIP normalization, Ipv4 toIPv6 interworking, call packet handling to improve quality of services and audio clarity. The SBC also has business functions like billing and statistics. Carriers and service providers usually opt for class 4 and class 5 softswitch implementation but may not give serious thought to SBC as part of the VoIP service chain, which could lead to performance issues, not to speak of security. At only a marginal cost, carriers improve quality of services at all levels besides assuring higher levels of security.

When asked if only the VoIP service providers need to install Asterisk or if a business user relying on VoIP for communications should also install SBC solutions, he said that it is recommended to have sessions border controller at both ends for flawless performance and security. Asterisk SBC integrates fluidly into any existing environment backed by superb service and support.
Asterisk service provider division of Ecosmob
Sindhav Bhageerath