St. Petersburg Russia: Shore Tours for Cruise Line Passengers in 2018

What awaits the guests of St. Petersburg, who will visit the city on cruise liners this summer.

St. Petersburg, Russia, February 10, 2018 --( It is expected that the approaching cruise season of summer 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia will be hot. Every year more and more tourists from all over the world want to visit the "Northern capital" of Russia. In addition, this year the number of visitors will greatly increase due to the fans of the world Cup. St. Petersburg is expected to host more than 8 million tourists in 2018. All tourist companies of the city are now busy preparing proposals for arriving guests.

One of the leading travel companies in St. Petersburg Russia Best Guides Team offers cruise passengers a large set of new and already tested packages of coastal excursions. It includes a variety of routes to all tastes. These include:

- Intensive tours, allowing you to see the maximum of sights in a short time. For 1-2 days in St. Petersburg, tourists can see almost all the main sights of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, including a visit to the Hermitage Museum and Peterhof.
- Relaxed tours for lovers of careful study of new places. Tourists will see only the most important sights, but give more time to each of them.
- Luxury programs for the most demanding tourists. In addition to sightseeing, tourists will be offered an exclusive river cruise on the boat along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg and shopping in the best shops of the city.
- Special programs covering Jewish attractions in St. Petersburg and the history of Jews in Russia.
- Adapted programs for families with children and teens with games, quests and visits to unusual museums.

In addition, the company Best Guides Team offers one-day trips from St. Petersburg to Moscow and shore excursions in all major Baltic sea ports: Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, Rostock.

In detail about the shore excursion programs you can read on the website of the company Best Guides Team:
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