First Disposable Portable DVT Prevention Device Receives FDA Approval

The Devon24R is the Only Disposable DVT Device with a Reusable Pump to Enter the Healthcare Market for Preventative Care.

King of Prussia, PA, February 10, 2018 --( Today Devon MD, medical devices for DVT prevention, wound care and other compression therapies, announces the Devon24R portable DVT prevention device receives FDA approval. Released October 2017 in Europe, the Devon24R is the only portable DVT prevention device that can be removed from the sleeves. The pump is removable with single-patient use replacement sleeves.

“Our disposable Devon24R is groundbreaking to pre-emptive care for DVT prevention, a serious global condition,” stated Dr. John A. Bennett, Devon MD CEO. “We are on the forefront of change to help healthcare providers and facilities lead their patients to improved preventative measures and reduce the risk of DVT.”

The Devon24R device is unlike any other on the market; has a battery lasting up to 24 hours, simple one button operation, and a cordless design to promote mobility during preventative care.

“Over the past few months the Devon24R has been expanding across Europe, Asia, and South America because of its innovative design, effectiveness, and price point,” affirms Dr. Bennett. “Now, with the FDA approval we bring this product into the United States' hospitals and health systems to offer a more opportune, effective and affordable preventative care approach.”

The Devon24R is a Pneumatic Compression Device for DVT prevention that improves circulation, increases blood flow, and helps prevent blood clotting in the legs. The compression therapy mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions to increase venous blood flow to the body’s lower extremities.
Devon MD
Deborah Pfeiffer