Agile Performance Management Company Pay Compliment Release Feedback Campaigns Feature Allowing Companies to Boost Engagement with Employees

Just like marketing campaigns have been used to boost customer engagement, and drive consumers into stores, the new feedback campaign feature is designed to boost employee engagement and drive employees into coaching conversations.

Sydney, Australia, February 10, 2018 --( Real-time performance management company Pay Compliment today announce the release of Feedback Campaigns as the latest feature of their performance management platform which helps companies turn everyday observations into better performance.

Feedback campaigns are like marketing campaigns in so much as they engage a large audience economically and efficiently. In this case the audience is employees. Organisations may want to engage them in a campaign around values, or strategy, or inclusion or employee satisfaction and the campaign feature allows this to happen with very low friction.

David Perks CEO and Founder of Pay Compliment said, "Customers who started out using Pay Compliment for real time feedback have realized the limitations of their legacy employee surveys and engagement platforms, and begun to use the flexibility of conversation templates and feedback invitations in Pay Compliment instead. Individual feedback invitations have been available for quite some time, and so making it really easy to invite large numbers of employees to express their thoughts with mass invitations was a logical extension of this."

Unlike an employee survey or poll, a feedback campaign in Pay Compliment is a 2-way interaction. Invitations are sent en masse, and campaign responses are aggregated for reporting and analytics but each individual response becomes the start of a 1:1 interaction between the employee and their leader and becomes part of their feedback chronology.

"We see feedback campaigns opening up a new style of frequent employee outreach that organisations have 'til now only used to retain and win customers. We believe it is a solution for the large number of organisations that are struggling to reach those workers who feel underappreciated or ignored," said Perks.

Perks observes, "In 2018 we expect there to be much greater focus on inclusion. As an employer what could be more inclusive than regularly inviting your entire workforce to express their thoughts, share their experiences and start a conversation with leadership inside a psychologically safe platform using a series of relevant feedback campaigns?"

"Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that more inclusive companies have a 2.3x higher cash flow per employee over a 3-year period than their non-inclusive peers. That sort of impact makes the use of Pay Compliment as an inclusion solution a no brainer," Perks said.

The Feedback Campaign feature is included in all standard business subscriptions and works with the library of pre-configured feedback templates, as well as custom templates giving users total flexibility over the types of campaigns they design.
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