DroneLife.com Announces Continued Growth in Web and Social Media Readership for 2017

Boston, MA, February 09, 2018 --(PR.com)-- DroneLife.com, an online news and services site focused on the commercial applications of drones, announced today that they’d reached a record-high audience for 2017, with over 1.5 million web-based readers worldwide.

The social media audience continues to grow, with the Facebook audience topping 108,000 for a greater than 100% growth rate. The Twitter audience reached over 34,000 readers, growing at more than 82% for the year.

“We’re happy that our readership has continued to grow as the industry has matured, and that that the trend has continued into 2018,” said Harry McNabb, CEO of DroneLife.com.

“We previously announced that we grew significantly in 2016 and it is nice to see that this is carrying over into the 2017,” continued McNabb. “In terms of breakdown, while most of our readers are from the US, we have large and growing audiences in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. We’ve also a Google News site, with large and growing subscription lists of drone influencers worldwide for each of our three properties, DroneLife, Jobfordrones, and DroneRacingLife.”

“We’re now reaching the scale and scope where companies that are not directly in the drone space, but have intersecting audiences, are showing interest in partnering with our sites,” said Mr. McNabb.

“By having a large base of readers, we can help American companies get the word out on their products and services both to a domestic and international market, and help companies based in Europe, Asia, or in any of the rapidly-expanding drone markets to increase their market share in the US. We work to create a 'three-legged stool' of branding, lead generation, and sponsored/native content, in addition we have programs to help our partners in any space smoothly rollout products to introduce them to the drone market at large.”

About: DroneLife.com is a major news, information and services site focused on the emerging consumer, prosumer and commercial drone marketplaces. Jobfordrones.com is a three-year-old Drone provider network. DroneRacingLife is focused on the emerging Drone racing market. DroneLife’s consulting arm also helps clients with business development, marketing and lead generation/sales.

For more information, contact sales@dronelife.com.
Harry McNabb