Elthos to Introduce Subscription Tiers for the Mythos Machine Gaming Application

Players and Gamemasters will soon be able to take advantage of Elthos' state-of-the-art gaming system through their new monthly or yearly subscription tiers and enjoy great savings.

White Plains, NY, February 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Elthos recently announced their new monthly and yearly subscription tiers for their Mythos Machine gaming platform. The subscription model is introduced for both the players and gamemasters, who can access the service for a nominal price paid on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription service is set to launch in a few days.

According to the spokesperson, "We are excited to introduce our subscription tiers to let everyone exploit the goodness of the Mythos Machine. Anyone interested in creating their own game world or explore the same without burning your pocket can choose their preferred plan. People are embracing subscriptions model today and the demand for such services is only expected to escalate in the coming months. Not to mention our subscription service will offer you great flexibility, and you can opt out at any time."

The company will be launching three subscription plans - Player, Gamemaster Gold, and Gamemaster Premium - each with its own set of features. Players subscribing to the Player plan can generate characters in several Gamemaster's Worlds. The Gamemaster Gold will allow gamemasters to create their own gaming world, using their ideas and imagination. The Gamemaster Premium plan, which is slated to release on a later date, will enable gamemasters to create as many worlds of their own, sell their game world on the Worlds Marketplace, and access the Shared Worlds feature as well.

The Elthos RPG combined with the Mythos Machine, a web application, offers limitless possibilities for gamemasters to exercise their own imaginations. "Why rely on someone else's idea of a World when you can create your own? If you're the creative type, Elthos is built for you. And if you aren't, you should probably get Elthos and start exercising those creativity muscles anyway. It's good for your brain. And frankly, GMing your own World is a lot more fun than riding along with someone else's creativity. You just need to get started. And Elthos is a great place to start," the spokesperson expressed.

The Elthos RPG gaming System has progressed over the years and has been helping creators to foster new ideas. The tools are designed to make gamemastering and gameplaying easier, faster and more elegant, making it worth every penny paid.

About Elthos:

The Elthos RPG is a light to medium weight Role Playing Game. The Mythos Machine with Elthos will allow gamemakers to create their own game world. For more, visit https://elthos.com/

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