History Repeating Itself; Sea Aged Wine with Jordan River Winery to Age Wine in Sea Water

When what we were doing in the past can make things taste better today.

Alicante, Spain, February 12, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Dating back to before the birth of Christ. 30BC.

That's how far back wine making in Jordan can trace its beginnings. In this modern era of technology and everything having to be now it is reassuring to know that history is in every drop of wine from one of the oldest wine making regions known to mankind.

Since biblical times, wine has been made in Jordan. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine & the grape harvest was present in Nabataean religion in the form of Dushara. The discovery of vineyards and wine presses in the Petra Bhadiya area south of Jordan, are an indication there was a dominant wine making industry as early as 30BC.

Even though over the years the Jordan River vineyard of Jordan has kept up with modern times. With bottling and wine production equipment. Now they have decided to embark on something with a modern and yet ancient twist.

The ancient Greeks and Romans all kept wine in the sea. This was for keeping wine cool and preserved as well as for improving the taste. In the sea was preferred to being out in the heat of the sun in summer months. And kept at a desired temperature in the sea in winter months.

Sadly today keeping or ageing wine in the sea could be a problem with pollution and obvious health rules on under water pressure moving the corks. The pressure under water could allow seepage even with screw tops.

Now Jordan River winery are going to use Sea Aged Wine tanks to “age off” selected bottles of wine. With the wine produced on the same land that was used in 30BC to grow grapes for wine. The Jordan River winery have realised that this will be offering wine as it would have been drank back before Christ.

“Ageing off” a wine in Sea aged wine tanks is a process of Conduction. Where the wine bottles are surrounded by Seawater. Unlike in a cellar where the bottles are surrounded by air known as convection ageing.

In the tanks the bottles are subject to exact temperature settings, and clean seawater. Being on land the tanks do not have a problem with pressure on the corks or screw top seals. Thus ensuring that there is no seepage or contamination of the wine. Additionally to this, Sea Aged Wine use vacuum sealed bags for each bottle.

This joint venture by Sea Aged Wine of Spain and the Jordan river winery/vineyard of Jordan. Will see the wine bottles exported to Spain and then sea aged in the patented seawater tanks on land.

Wines selected for the sea ageing in tanks from the Jordan River vineyards award winning list are. Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Giving a choice for both red and white wine drinkers.

“This is now one could say turning the back the clock. To a time when perhaps our predecessors knew more about ageing and storing wine than we do. As the tanks have been proven to change the taste of wine, by the tastings we have had,” said Graham Smith from Sea Aged Wine. He is the inventor of the tanks.

You can contact the Jordan River vineyard: www.jrwinesjordan.com Tel: (962) 5-398-6226 Mr Nidal Khoury.

Sea Aged Wine can be contacted: info@seaagedwine.com Tel: (0034) 662 406 516
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