All-New Surface Protection Product, All-Protect, Now Distributed by Builders Site Protection

Builders Site Protection is proud to announce the addition of All-Protect to its product line. All-Protect is an adhesive fiber based material that can be applied to nearly all interior surfaces and finishes. Featuring water resistance and rapid installation, All-Protect is an ideal solution for elevator cabs, countertops, stairs, and glass panels.

Bend, OR, February 15, 2018 --( Builders Site Protection is pleased to announce the addition of All-Protect Adhesive Surface Protection to its product line. All-Protect is a reusable adhesive fiber based liner that can be applied to protect nearly all interior surfaces and elevator cabs. Due to its adhesive backing, no time consuming taping is needed for installation, and it can be quickly and securely applied to vertical surfaces.

All-Protect is an innovative surface protection product due to its versatility and ease of installation. Originally developed for protecting aircraft during restoration work, All-Protect can be used on a variety of materials. Elevators, glass, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, tile, etc. can all be safely covered with All-Protect. All-Protect’s adhesive is tested and guaranteed not to leave any residue at project’s end.

Furthermore, because it was developed to protect airplanes’ curved surfaces, All-Protect effortlessly adheres to the surface it is being used on, regardless of curvature or vertical orientation. Now, the underside of a cabinet or countertop can be just as quickly covered as the front. This allows All-Protect to be used in applications such as protecting elevators.

In addition to All-Protect’s innovative adhesive, it also features water-resistant absorption properties. Any liquids, including oils and solvents, will be absorbed by the soft fiber membrane on the outside; while a plastic liner will prevent liquids from contacting the finish surfaces. This makes All-Protect ideal for covering expensive finishes that liquids may damage.

Because All-Protect can be used on such a variety of surfaces, it will serve as an important piece of Builders Site Protection’s product lineup. Previously difficult finishes to protect, such as elevator cabs and doors, curtain wall mullions, hard-to-reach glass panels, ceiling panels, stairs, and handrails, can now be quickly wrapped and protected. When used in conjunction with products such as Protecta-Foam cabinet protection, DoorGuard, and Toilet Sheath, All-Protect will have an important role in the complete surface protection of a construction project.

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Builders Site Protection is a woman-owned provider of surface protection, dust control, and lead containment supplies. President and C.E.O. Patricia Mullen founded the company to manufacture environmentally-friendly alternatives to the limited selection of surface protection products available for the construction trades. Builders Site Protection is a certified woman owned and emerging small business (WBE/ESB) committed to providing superior products and unparalleled customer service. For more information, visit their website at
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