SocksLane Compression Appoints New Head of Communication

Leading compression socks manufacturer expands its media department to reach out to its customers

Portland, OR, February 18, 2018 --( SocksLane announced today Alexa Lee as its new Communications Head. The position was created to help the company expand and consolidate its customer base, specifically through online marketing and advertising.

Alexa Lee worked previously as an external consultant for several well known brands, focusing on the impact of social media and blogging on the companies' reach. At present she heads SocksLane's communications department, a dynamic and creative team eager to fulfill their mission of making their new family the next “Arm & Hammer” success story.

Dave Dixon, the company co-founder and CEO, declared in a recent interview that: "we are confident to claim that we produce the best cotton compression socks in the market, hands down. But we’re a new company and not many people have heard about us. Now they will, with the help of Alexa and our team.”

Ms. Lee said during her interview, “I’m excited to work with Dave, Amanda and the rest of the team. They immediately made me feel welcome and the level of talent in the company is impressive. I’m confident that our band will establish SocksLane as market leader and the authority in leg care. Expect better web content, precise product descriptions and substantial articles. You will definitely hear a lot from us this year!”

SocksLane combine comfort with cutting edge technology to create what is now known as the best fitting, most stylish and most reliable cotton compression socks in the market.

Its products offer all the benefits of traditional compression garments and the advantages of its cotton based construction. This exclusive combination reduces discomfort significantly compared to traditional nylon socks, assuring users zero skin reactions even when worn during prolonged periods of time.

According to recent studies, thousands of Americans suffer different degrees of allergic reactions due to wearing synthetic fabrics. This is especially difficult for those who wear tight-fitting garments, such as support socks, regularly and for long periods of time like nurses, police officiers, teachers or even pregnant women who run the risk of developing chronic hypersensitivity.

Dave and Amanda don’t believe in resting on one’s laurels and they continue to innovate to ensure their products are only of the highest quality, the most comfortable available and always exceeds their customer’s expectations.

About the company
SocksLane was founded by Dave and Amanda Dixon after she had to wear support socks during her pregnancy because of varicose veins. Amanda soon discovered that most compression wear in the market were synthetic, cost a small fortune or were cheap and ineffective.

The couple set up to develop their own high quality socks made of cotton that were durable, comfortable and fairly priced.

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Amanda Dixon