SocksLane Compression Hits Milestone 500 Reviews on Amazon

Company achieves highest rating in the category with 4.8/5 average customer rating.

Portland, OR, February 21, 2018 --( Start-up SocksLane opens the year with a new milestone as it reached the 500 reviews mark in Amazon. The newcomer continues to dominate in its category with an average rating of 4.8/5 and the highest repeat order.

Happy with the company’s performance and steady growth, CEO Dave Dixon declares, “It’s the year of the dog but we are feeling bullish! We anticipate more growth in 2018 as we launch new products and implement enhancements in our website, bringing us closer to our customers. It’s going to be awesome.”

Compression socks used to be worn mostly by the elderly and people recovering from injury. As more studies revealed the benefits of compression therapy, more people became aware of the advantages of wearing a pair as they go about their daily activities. As awareness grew, so did the number of manufacturers eager to rule the emerging market. Unfortunately most of these manufacturers churned products made from synthetic fabrics at prohibitive costs. SocksLane changed the game rules when it entered the market early last year proposing a more comfortable but equally effective option that gave overall better value.

Today, SocksLane is the leading manufacturer of high quality cotton compression socks. CMO and co-fonder Amanda Dixon explains, “Our philosophy is simple, we believe that everyone deserves products that solve real problems and add value to our lives. Our customers love our products because they work, they are comfortable, they don’t cause allergies, they are durable and they are reasonably priced.”

About the company: Sockslane was founded by Dave and Amanda Dixon after struggling to find appropriate compression to wear for Amanda during her pregnancy. Initially dismayed by the lack of satisfactory options, they seized the opportunity to bridge the gap in the market and crafted their own proprietary cotton blend socks that are durable, comfortable and affordable. To learn more about the company and its products, visit or search for SocksLane cotton compression socks on
Amanda Dixon