Indiegogo Campaign Launches for Oliver Robins’ Thriller Feature "Celebrity Crush"

Los Angeles, CA, February 22, 2018 --( The Indiegogo Campagin launches for the feature thriller “Celebrity Crush” which will be used to raise additional funding for post production. All funds raised will be used to upgrade all elements of post production, including sound, color, and special visual effects.

Oliver Robins, best known for starring in “Airplane 2” and the original “Robbie” as Robbie, “the kid eaten by the tree” and “attacked by a clown,” returns to the screen in the up-coming thriller.

Robins stars opposite actress Alissa Schneider, (“Paying Mr. McGetty”) who plays a sociopathic fan obsessed with a fictional 80s ‘B’ horror cult classic called “Chain-Face Clown” and its star -- Jonathan Blaklee. After meeting Jonathan at a horror convention, she imprisons the ex-child actor with the misguided hope Jonathan will one day fall in love with her.

The film’s teaser and campagin can be viewed at:

Robins explains, “All contributors will receive some really awesome gifts and perks, such as a personalized autographs, digital downloads, and replica keychains, as seen in the movie.”

“Celebrity Crush” is a personal film for Robins as it encapsulates much of his own life after shooting Poltergeist.

Robins shares, “It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to act again and work with such a talented cast and crew.”

Robins directs from his own screenplay. Robins, a graduate of U.S.C Film School, has previously written the award-winning Hallmark Channel Film You've Got a Friend and co-wrote Devil's Whisper -- released in 2017 by Sony.
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